PK 226: Asking for Help to Free Your Time

Mitch BowlerMitch Bowler is the Founder of Pencil Kings and the Co-founder of Evolve Artist. He has worked with countless companies, including Pixar, Marvel, Dungeons & Dragons, Activision, and more. As a former 3D technical artist, Mitch has gone through the ups and downs of honing his craft, which is why he decided to revolutionize the way that art is taught. Both of his companies offer professional instruction and hands-on support from real artists in order to help creatives around the world take their work to the next level.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Mitch Bowler gives a quick update on his 100 Day Artist Challenge
  • Mitch shares his favorite new productivity tool: a productivity planner
  • How to ask a partner or coach for help so you can focus on your art 
  • Disproving the notion of the isolated artist

In this episode…

On their pursuit to create great art, many artists face a variety of obstacles. For some, this may be a lack of motivation to stick to their goals, while others may have trouble balancing their numerous different projects. But what happens when you are so overwhelmed with these obstacles that you have no time or energy to produce great art? 

Rather than stress about your current tasks or obstacles, Mitch Bowler suggests that you seek out external support to help you focus on your craft. From productivity planners to business coaches, Mitch has a few useful strategies for making time for your art and creativity. 

In this week’s episode of Pencil Kings, host Mitch Bowler shares his expert strategies for making more time for your art. He highlights the importance of prioritizing your tasks and discusses how to ask for help from people in your industry or personal life. Mitch also delves into how to improve your art with the help of Evolve Artist. Stay tuned!

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