PK 083: The Big Difference Between Artist and Craftsman – Interview with Jake Mengers from Bruvva

PK 083: The Big Difference Between Artist and Craftsman – Interview with Jake Mengers from Bruvva 2 083 the big difference between artist and craftsman jake mengers pencil kings

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“You should definitely do art, but keep your head about you and make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons.”

~ Jake Mengers

So what’s the big difference between artist and craftsman?

It’s a question that people have been asking for centuries. But, in this new podcast interview with Jake Mengers from Bruvva, this internationally-acclaimed award-winning artist answers this conundrum and many more.

Plus, he shares some fascinating insights into life as an artist, and how he built up his own business into a successful studio which has produced work for big clients all across the globe.

Jake Mengers: How he Became a VFX Artist and Director

You might not know it, but you’ve already seen plenty of work by Jake Mengers. From the superhero character he created for Aquafresh toothpaste through to the adorable moonwalking pony for mobile phone network, Three, and the famous Xbox ‘Mosquito’, Jake’s work always displays his incredible attention to detail and commitment to always delivering a top-class product for his clients.

You can watch some of his award-winning work below:

Three – The Pony from Jake Mengers on Vimeo.

But it hasn’t always been an easy battle for Jake. Like many artists, he’s had to fight to preserve his integrity and not give in to the relentless demands of the advertising industry.

And, in his 20 years as a visual effects (VFX) artist, he’s often had to make the difficult decision of turning down projects he didn’t feel totally happy working on.

He says: “You have to make sure you’re pursuing your goals, not just those of financial gain.”

When he started out in 1993, Jake asked other people working in the 3D industry for their advice. And their answer? “The one piece of advice I remember is someone telling me not to become a 3D artist” laughs Jake.

Luckily for Jake, he chose not to take this advice. Instead, went on to attend Chelsea Art College in London before completing a grassroots 3D in Montreal, Canada.

In 1995, Jake got his first big break in the animation industry at The Moving Picture Company, where he eventually took the role of creative director for eight years.

After this, he worked on various freelance projects before settling at Framestore for four years before returning to The Moving Picture Company in 2006.

Since founding Bruvva, his own animation and VFX studio, Jake has been lucky enough to work on a wide range of projects where he’s been able to bring his creativity to the fore.

And, in this week’s podcast, you’ll learn how to stay true to your own creative direction while carving out a creative career.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • How to get into the exciting animation industry
  • How to get paid for doing the work you love
  • How to avoid some of the pitfalls faced by many creative people

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