Sketching on Location | 05 |How to Sketch People Pt 2

sketching crowds finished drawingWe hope you’re enjoying this series on how to sketch crowds. Here is a look at the sketch we are working on:

sketching people facial features

Step .01

When sketching crowds, you can indicate facial features with simple dots and lines.Step .02

Block in the overall shape and then layer in the line folds indicating the fabric and its folds. This jacket is quite loose and baggy, hence the larger amount of folds.

how to sketch crowds clothing

sketching on location girls clothing

Step .03

This girl’s legs have almost no surface folds indicating that she has a very smooth leg or tight leggings or pants.Step .04

Next in this lesson on sketching crowds, let’s jump over to this fellow. He’ll be the last one we draw on this page. Draw the simple shapes that you see. Add in the key folds next. This will indicate the type of pant he is wearing, a fitted trouser which serves as a contrast to his puffy jacket.

drawing a crowd puffed jacket


Step .05

Finish off any details such as line folds. That will be all we are doing for this page. We’ll move over to a new sheet next and show you some finishing techniques.

Thanks for checking out this series on sketching crowds. Please check out our sixth video next!