Sketching on Location | 07 |How to Draw Lightning Sketches

how to sketch quickly finished crowd sketchWe’re now going to learn how to sketch quickly, so here is a look at our work so far:

how to sketch crowds line drawing

Step .01

Want to learn how to sketch quickly? Sketching on Location begins with a loose warm up. Observe your subject and try to create a loose shape of their form. It does not have to look perfect. The goal here is to work fast and fluid, not to be 100% accurate.Step .02

When learning how to sketch quickly, target the main focal point of your subject. In this case, it is the two bodies outlines along with the main contours and folds of their clothing and the jacket that is being held.

sketching on location crowd scene


Step .03

With only a few strokes, you can get a very good idea of what is happening in the scene. Add some environmental information in as well to provide a full context of the scene.Step .04

And within only minutes, you have the basis of your drawing established.



Step .05

Continue looking around you, and add more details to your characters.Step .06

Here we have the girl briskly walking past the three men on the street.



Step .07

The line work in this scene is even less but you can see how little is required to get an idea across.As mentioned, the sketch was originally used to store information for a bigger,more complex medium.

Early artists never had access to cameras so they had to quickly record that information for future reference.

Thank you so much for watching this series on how to sketch quickly. Please comment below if you’d like to see more!