Drawing Hair and Clothing | 09 | How to Draw Fabric Pulls and Folds


Defining the Fabric Pulls

When learning how to draw fabric, note that the character’s bent knee is going to do some interesting things to the clothing. Watch closely to determine where and how the fabric is going to interact with the leg underneath.Notice in the video how the fabric lines help clearly define the leg underneath, while still remaining light and simple. It may take a few tries to get it looking just right, so remember to draw lightly, especially if you are just beginning to learn how to draw clothes with wrinkles.

Adding the Hair

You’re ready to move onto the next stage of learning how to draw fabric!

Start off by defining the outline for the hair across the forehead and add in those big LaurieB! Style eyes.HAIR_08-03HAIR_08-04

Detailing the Hair

Whenever you are trying to draw something unfamiliar (such as learning how to draw fabric), even if it’s in cartoon style, it’s a good idea to have some reference handy to help you get the style correct and also save some time by having an image to copy.

Once you’ve defined the main shape of the hair, then start to draw in the detail lines that give some shading to the hair and also defines the shape of the hair.

Also note the shading of the hair in the video that it is darker the closer it is to the face, as this is where the hair naturally folds.

Add the Final Details

When learning how to draw fabric, you can finish off the hair by first drawing a bun at the back of the head. Then add in some pupils for the eyes, the mouth and some pieces of sushi on her tray.HAIR_08-06Return to the Drawing Hair and Clothing Video Course