How to Draw Expressions | 03 |Drawing a Worried Expression

drawing a worried face finished drawing

Want to learn about drawing a worried face?

Here’s a look at the final drawing in this lesson.  You’ll see that, with a few simple modifications, you can go from neutral to worried in no time!

draw a worried face raised eyebrows

Draw the Raised Eyebrows

The first part that you want to adjust from the neutral pose to draw a worried expression is to raise the eyebrows up in the middle. You can leave the outward part of the eyebrows in their neutral position.

The upper and lower eyelids will need to be changed a little as well to have them also pull up a bit with the eyebrows.

You can heighten this worried expression by drawing in some creases at the top of the nose between the eyebrows. Don’t forget to grab your mirror and study your own face while learning about drawing a worried face and any other expressions.

You will always be your best reference, and it’s a good idea to keep a little hand mirror nearby whenever you are drawing people so you always have an opportunity to study your own face and draw the finer details of any expression.

how to draw a worried expression eyebrows

Draw the Mouth of the Worried Expression

The last thing to finish off this drawing is to pull the corners of the mouth down ever so slightly to form a subtle frown. Remember to add a little shading to the corners of the mouth to help indicate depth.

That’s about it for this lesson on drawing a worried face. In the next lesson you’ll be pushing things back in the opposite direction to create an angry expression.


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