How to Draw an Eye | 04 | Eyebrows on the Male and Female

how to draw eyebrows finished eyebrow drawing

Want to know how to draw eyebrows?

In this lesson, you will be covering how to draw both male and female eyebrows, where to place them on the skull, and what makes them unique from each other.

How to Draw Eyebrows: Draw the Eye Sockets

how to draw eyebrows art eye sockets

Start off by drawing two different faces from the front view and establish the eye sockets for the eyebrows.

Remember from the previous lesson that the eye sockets of the skull are really important for drawing and placing eyes on the face. The same thing goes for learning how to draw eyebrows![one_half]

Drawing the Male Eyebrow

The eyebrow can be broken down into 3 simple strokes that follows the general direction that the hairs of the eyebrow are going.

  1. Horizontally and up for the main part of the eyebrow
  2. Turning downward on the outer part of the eyebrow
  3. Some curved lines for the inner part of the eyebrow closest to the nose


drawing eyebrows male eyebrow


How the Eyebrows Relate to the Eye

On the outer part of the eyebrow where it begins to turn down, you can see that it almost points to the outer corner of the eye. This example image of a realistic eye shows this more clearly.


draw realistic eyebrows male photo


How to Draw Female Eyebrows

Female eyebrows are similar to male eyebrows with the following exceptions:

  • They aren’t as thick
  • They are lighter
  • They arch a little bit higher than a man’s eyebrow
  • Usually you will not define the shorter curved lines on the male eyebrow drawn where the eyebrow starts near the nose.

Despite these differences the eyebrows still do follow the basic shape of the eye socket.


how to draw female eyebrows sketch

We hope you enjoyed this article on how to draw eyebrows. In the next lesson, you’ll be taking what you’ve learned and using it to create a finished face drawing. See you there!

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