PK 107: How to be More Creative – 4 Effective Techniques to Help You Stay Consistent

PK 107: How to be More Creative - 4 Effective Techniques to Help You Stay Consistent 2 pk 107 consistency creativity pencil kings podcast pk

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“It’s one thing to say ‘I’m going to draw something every day’, but you can go SO much deeper with that.

~ Mitch Bowler

Want to know how to be more creative as an artist?

In this podcast, you’ll discover why consistency is the key to creativity, and pick up some great tips to help you get into a routine of making art which fits into your busy lifestyle.

How to be More Creative and Consistent as an Artist

We’ve all been there. You feel guilty about not creating anything, so you tell yourself you need to make more art.

You might even promise yourself you’ll make more of an effort to draw every day.

Except it rarely works out like that. For one reason or another, life gets in the way and you don’t have time to make art.

You fall off the wagon, those promises get broken, and you still haven’t made any more art.

So is there a routine you can use to learn how be more creative?

Here are some of the methods you’ll learn about in this week’s podcast:

1. The 3-week Plan for Learning how to be More Creative

Have you ever decided to do something, such as exercise more or eat more healthily…

But then got out of the habit after a few weeks?

Guess what? It’s exactly the same with making art.

So, if you want to know how to be more creative, then why not try out the techniques in this week’s podcast?

You’ll learn how to prepare for those times when you fall off the wagon, and how to get right back on.

2. Making Art Your Number 1 Priority

It might seem strange to make art your number 1 priority. After all, there are lots of other important things in your life, right?

But this is something you absolutely need to do if you’re going to learn how to be more creative.

So in this part of the podcast, you’ll learn how to dedicate time to your art…and how to stay strong in the face of distractions.

3. Ask Yourself Why Making Art is Important

What’s your real motivation for making art? Is it because you want a career as an artist, for example?

Finding a goal to work towards, or discovering the real reason why you want to make art can really help you learn how to be more creative.

4. Always Have a Back-up Plan

Nobody’s perfect. There will be times when even the best-laid plans go astray, and you find yourself getting out of the habit of drawing or painting consistently.

However, if you’ve got a back-up plan in place, this will make it a whole lot easier to get back into your routine and start making art again.

And, in this final part of the podcast, you’ll discover exactly how you can do this.

So there you have it –  4 super-effective techniques you can use to help you learn how to be more creative.

We hope you’re able to build these into your daily routine and start seeing the visible results of consistency in your art.

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