Drawing Hair and Clothing | 02 |Hairlines Explained

drawing hair and clothing basic shape

Drawing Hair and Clothing

When learning about drawing hair and clothing, the hairline is the anchor for drawing in the rest of the hair. When deciding on a hairstyle for your character, keep in mind that there are many different ways to draw a hairline.

The above is an example of a “Widow’s Peak”.

Mistakes in Drawing Hair

When drawing hair, amateur artists will often make the mistake of drawing the head too small. Remember how to draw the cranium and model your hair around it proportionately.


Don’t forget the basics of construction as you move on to more advanced drawings. In the above example you can see how the head is “missing” significant portions of its bulk on top and in the back.

Drawing a Ponytail

As we mentioned earlier, when you are drawing hair, the hairline is your anchor. If you are drawing a ponytail the surface direction of the hair will flow back from the hairline towards the hair tie.


You can see in the above example how the surface direction is different for the hair on top of the head compared to the hair on the sides of the head.

Depending on the length of the hair and the angle we are viewing the subject, hair might disappear behind the head, or twist around itself if the pony tail is long enough.

If the hair does have a twist in it you will have a chance to practice changes in surface direction as this detail will be key in showing just how the hair is twisting around itself.

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