Pin Up Sailor Girl | 04 |How to Enlarge a Sketch

how to draw a sailor pin up rough sketch

In this lesson on how to draw a sailor pin up, you’ll be learning how to enlarge a sketch. After looking at the three poses LaurieB! decides she wants to go with the first.

If you’d prefer to go with one of your own poses, feel free to do so! Simply follow along with the process here to get a really nice end result.Although the first pose drawn was the one selected, it was still useful (and good practice!) to draw the other thumbnails.

So, when creating your own works of art and learning how to draw a sailor pin up, remember not to skimp out and just do the bare minimum! Good things will always come out of doing those additional thumbnail sketches in the beginning.When learning how to enlarge a sketch, make sure the enlarged drawing has the same feel as the thumbnail you are copying.

Follow the lines and flow of the character. Pay particular attention to the legs and feet and have your original thumbnail near so you have a guide.

how to draw pin up art legs

drawing pin up girls sketching the body

A “cheat” way to enlarge a sketch would be to use a photocopier or scanner and printer to enlarge the original drawing, print it out, and then use a light box to trace over it. This might be a good idea if you are just starting out, but remember practice always pays off in the long run, so take every chance you can to draw, draw, draw!

When learning how to draw a sailor pin up, pay particular attention to her features. Over-embellish and develop them to create the true look of the pin up.

Be sure to work on the facial features and create a look of surprise. Add the arms and don’t forget the action of putting on the glove as was shown in the initial sketch.

how to make pin up art girl features

Here you will also work on the form of the body. We are looking to create a perfect shape for our pin up that’s just right for wearing a sailor uniform!

Be sure to pay close attention to the hands because these will be putting on the gloves. Look closely at all the details to make sure the model looks as you want her to. Go over details to create more emphasis.

We hope you had fun learning how to enlarge a sketch and how to draw a sailor pin up girl.

Now that you’ve finished the pose and body line work, you’re going to add the details for her costume and begin to clean up the line work over the entire drawing in the next lesson!