Posing Your Character | 07 |How to Draw a Seated Pose

how to draw a girl sitting down rough sketch

How to Draw a Girl Sitting Down

Ready to learn how to draw a girl sitting down?

Just like in the previous lessons you will start this character by drawing the head and the torso along the line of action.

After the torso elements have been placed draw a line down the middle of the major parts (ribcage, torso, pelvis) so that it’s easier to visualize where the center of your character is.

Drawing The Legs

Before you start to draw the legs in all different poses it’s a good idea to understand more about how the bones of the leg are put together. Close study of anatomy books will help you grasp how these bones move and rub against each other.


If you’ve been having problems drawing a particular part of the body (like the knees, feet, hands etc) you should go back and revisit how the underlying bones and muscles influence the external layer of skin that you’re trying to draw.

Knowing exactly what’s underneath the skin will give you the knowledge that you need to create anything that you want – including how to draw a girl sitting down.


Adding The Arms And Face

Create the arms and hands by simplifying the parts of the body into the most basic shapes while also keeping in mind the proportion rules that you picked up in the earlier lessons. Add the breasts by first defining the pectoral muscles, then drawing circles on top of the pecs, and finally defining the outer curve of the breast.Start into the face by first dividing it up equally horizontally and vertically. Once you’ve found the mid points you can start to add in rough lines for the eyes, mouth, ears and hair.

In the next part of this course, you’ll be going into this seated pose in more detail to polish up this drawing and learn more about posing your characters.

We hope this article helped you learn how to draw a girl sitting down. See you soon for more art tips 🙂

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