Pin Up Sailor Girl | 06 |Drawing the Costume Pt. 2

Drawing Pin up Girl Art: Focus on the Hands

Ready to learn more about drawing pin up girl art?

The hands and gloves are one of the central parts of interest in this drawing so you will need to look at them very closely to fill in the fine details of what may be missing.

drawing pin up girl art adding gloves

Focus on the sharpness of the fingers and fingertips as well as the curvature of the hands while considering how they look together with the glove that is being pulled on.

When you are drawing the hands, try turning your page upside down like you see in the video to get a better idea of how the hands look from another angle.

Looking at your page or canvas from a different angle is an effective way to spot mistakes that your eyes may not see.

If you’re learning about drawing pin up girl art on the computer, you can also try flipping your image either horizontally or vertically to get yet another different point of view.

how to draw a sailor girl costume details

Finish the Costume

Next up in this lesson on drawing pin up girl art, you will start adding the rest of the sailor costume.

First, look at the shape of the torso and the breasts.Then start drawing a halter-top by creating the lapels and the straps that go around behind the neck.

After you have the initial shape of the top, add in a little more coverage to the halter top to have a less revealing bust line.

Add some stripes to this little piece of fabric that covers the middle of the bust line.

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