Drawing Expressions | 03 |Curious Expression

drawing expressions head shape

Drawing Expressions: Start Drawing the Head

Start off this lesson on drawing expressions by tilting the head in a different angle from the previous lesson.

Not only is it good practice to always draw the face from every angle you can think of, this particular angle is also going to lend itself well to the curious expression that you’ll be covering in this lesson.The steps for making this head are the same that you’ve been using over and over again in previous lessons from LaurieB!

Start off with a sphere for the main mass of the head, and then add in the lower part of the face and finally establish your middle line of the face and then start to add in detail.

Tricky Lips

You’ve probably drawn all of the parts of the head many times in previous lessons on drawing expressions, but in this one, the lips may prove to be a little bit more difficult for you.

If you find that this is the case, try pausing the video or just focusing on the image to the left and look only at the lips. Don’t look at the other parts of the face – just focus on the lips.

drawing facial expressions line art

Once you’re focused right on the lips and nothing else, stop thinking of them as lips. Instead, just think of them as shapes on the page.

Look at them as individual lines and then see how those lines come together. Ask yourself the following questions when drawing expressions:

  • Where do the individual lines come together and touch?
  • How much curve is on each line?
  • How long is each line?

Asking these questions is a great way to break down any drawing into its most simple parts so that you can then start to understand how it was put together and recreate it yourself.

how to draw expressions final sketch

Final Details

With the major features of the face complete, it’s time to wrap up this drawing by darkening your major lines and adding in some of the finer facial details like eyelashes and eyebrows.

The important thing to note in this final image is the little lines that have been added under the eyes.

These lines help to indicate the lower eyelid and how it hugs and protects the bottom part of the eyeball.

Go grab a mirror and try making some expressions and see how the crease on the lower eyelid forms and changes with each one.

We hope you learned a lot from this article on drawing expressions. See you in the next one!