Face Fundamentals | 10 |Drawing Cartoon Babies

drawing cartoon babies basic head shape

Drawing the Baby in Three Quarter View

Start off drawing cartoon babies by sketching a circle for the cranium. Drawing this circle to start off the head should be starting to get much easier and feel more natural by now, and if not, then practice, practice, practice!You can really see how useful being able to draw a sphere in 3D is by now, so make sure that you can draw this really easily!

Keep the shortened proportions for the lower half of the face just like you drew for the front view of the baby’s face.

Draw in the Baby’s Facial Features

For the next part of this tutorial on drawing cartoon babies, we’re going to take a look at the facial features.

With the proportions of the face in mind, you can start drawing in the features of the baby.

In this particular drawing you’re going to push the proportions a bit further and add in larger eyes than when you normally make for a realistic proportioned baby head.

how to draw a cartoon baby facial features

Don’t get stressed out when drawing the three quarter view. You’ve done this a number of times in the past and this face isn’t really different, it’s just that the proportions are exaggerated.

When learning about drawing cartoon babies, remember to have confidence in yourself and your drawing ability.

If something doesn’t feel right at the moment remember that you aren’t far off from having a really good grasp of all of this to the point where you’re going to be drawing good looking faces totally easily.

Finishing up your Cartoon Baby Drawing

Add in some hair and other little details like the eyelashes and a thin little neck to complete your drawing.

Because male and female babies look so similar if you want to go for one sex or the other try changing up the style of eyelashes or adding a bow on top of the head for the desired effect.

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draw a cartoon babys face finished sketch