Color Theory | 01 |Primary and Secondary Colors

what is color theory primary and secondary colorsLearning the basics of color theory can make a huge difference to your art 

Primary and Secondary Colors

What is color theory? Understanding color theory is a key part of becoming an artist. Yet may of us are put off at an early stage, thanks to musty old text books and yawn-inducing lessons.

So it’s time to take a fresh look at this fascinating and interesting area, with this awesome new series from pro artist, Kirbi Fagan!

And, if you’ve been looking for a simple answer to the ‘What is color theory’ question, here it is!

Remember those boring art classes where the teacher could send the class into a deep sleep with the mere mention of the term ‘Color Theory’?

Kirbi is the exact opposite. Not only is her enthusiasm infectious, her teaching methods should have you reaching for your paint brushes faster than Justin Bieber’s monkey can peel a banana (or learn his lyrics)!

What is Color Theory? Find out Right Here

Learning how to mix colors and understand what is color theory can be a bit like cooking. You can just a little bit of this (and a little bit of that) until you find the perfect recipe.

In this series, Kirbi rolls up her sleeves and takes you right back to basics, demonstrating how you can mix every color under the sun if you understand how color theory and the color wheel work.

There’s no great mystery here. There’s no need for complicated theories or super-detailed breakdowns of every single color in the rainbow.

Because Kirbi explains color theory in a way that works for beginners or more experienced artists.

She also lifts the lid on ‘cold’ and ‘warm’ colors, showing how you can use these to add incredible depth to your paintings.

Towards the end of this series, Kirbi even shows how you can apply what you’ve learned to creating convincing skin tones.

Learning the answer to what is color theory is an essential part of art, so why not make it an essential part of your learning, too?


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