Frequently Asked Questions


What is Pencil Kings and how does it work?

Pencil Kings offers training and support for artists of all levels.

Members pay a monthly or annual fee to be part of the community and new lessons and courses are released each month. Members have full access to:

  • All current and future training courses
  • The private artist community where members can interact and show each other what they are working on
  • Live training workshops & coaching programs delivered online.
What’s the Best Way to Get Started with Pencil Kings?

With all of the lessons on the site it may be a bit overwhelming. If you are a beginner what I would like you to do most of all is get a sketchbook and sketch in it at least 5 minutes every day (even the on the weekend!), and don’t worry about the quality of your drawings at all – only worry about enjoying the process and finding things that interest you to try and draw.

We have a series about this called ‘Sketchin Out‘ and it’s a good series to at least look at the first few lessons for it because I think it will help get you in the sketching mood.

Then once you have been sketching for a while and gone through these initial lessons you should have a better idea of which lesson you would like to focus on next, and the skills to get into them. I would recommend any of the LaurieB lessons as a great place to look next to keep improving your figure drawing.

Also, make sure to get started inside the community by sharing some of your artwork and seeing what other people are doing.

Payment and Account Management

Which forms of payment do you accept?
We accept all major forms of credit card and Paypal.
How do I log in and log out?
To log in, simply click the log in button on the top menu of the site. Similarly if you need to log out, click the log out button located on the top menu of the site.
How do I find or reset my password?
Please visit the forgot password page and enter the email address you used to signup.
I am a Member and I can’t login – what do I do?
Please try using the forgot password link, but if that is not working for you please look for the email from us that should have been delivered when you signed up. If you can’t find that email from us please contact us here and let us know which email you used to sign up and we will look into your account for you.
How do I change my password?
First, log in to the website, and then click on the ‘Profile’ link at the top of the page to access your user account. You can change your password from inside there. If you can’t login to the site please contact us and we can help you out with it.
Do I need to sign a contract?
We don’t believe in long term contracts, so you can become a member of the community on a pay-as-you-go month-to-month basis. If you would like to receive a discount on your membership you can sign up for our yearly plan.
Is any tax collected on payments?
Pencil Kings is based in Canada, so only residents of Canada are required to pay tax, and any taxes for Canadians will be added at the time of purchase.
How can I cancel my account?
We really hate to see you go, but if you really need to leave the community you can do so by logging into the site, clicking on the ‘Profile’ link and then using the button at the bottom of the page to cancel your account.

Video Courses

Who will I be learning from?
All of the instructors are professional artists that make a living with their art. Some have worked at large movie and game studios while others are freshly out of college. All courses are pre-screened and edited to give you the best learning experience possible.
When do new courses come out?
We release new art courses on the 1st and 15th of each month.
How do you choose which courses are created?
We let the members inside the community tell us which courses they want to see most and then it's our job to find the appropriate instructor to teach that topic.
How long is each course?
It varies from course to course with the shortest being an action-packed 30 minutes and the longest spanning over 10 hours.
The videos won't load or get stuck - what can I do?

Sorry to hear that the video is acting up! Here is a quick fix that you can try and if these steps don't work, please contact us so we can notify our video host.

  1. Try a different browser to see if the issue is persisting there.
  2. Try switching between the HTML5 and Flash player by right-clicking on the video and selecting the "Switch to..." option.
  3. Try restarting your computer and web browser.
Can I download the courses?
Unfortunately most of our courses are not available to download, however we do have some foundation courses that can be purchased for download outside of your membership.
Is there a book or DVD version of the courses?
Unfortunately we don’t have a hard copy of our Pencil Kings site at this time as we are focused and committed to delivering the absolute best online learning experience possible.

Live Courses & Challenges

How do the live courses work?
Live courses cover one topic and provide a private community, homework exercises and live coaching calls where you can participate and ask questions to the instructor. These courses are designed to push you outside your comfort zone and help you have a breakthrough with your art.
How long are the live courses?
Live courses last for 30 days.
When do you offer live courses?
We offer an intensive live course every second month that will cover a different topic related to the fundamental skills that every artist needs to have.
Is there any extra fee for attending the live courses?
No. The admission fee for the live courses is included with your membership. All you have to do is show up and participate.

Private Artist Community

How does the community work?
When you become a member a link to the community will be added to the links at the top of the website. First make sure you are logged into Pencil Kings and then click the 'Community' link to get in.
How is this different from any other community?
You can feel safe posting your work here because only full Pencil Kings members can see what's posted inside. No one will ever judge your work and it's a great place to hone your skills. This is the perfect place to experiment and 'shake off the rust' if you haven't been drawing for a while and are just getting back into sketching.
Is there any chance for feedback on my work?
Absolutely! We believe that having someone to help you with feedback is so important to help you make fast progress as an artist. Inside the community you are free to post your work and ask for feedback from the other members of Pencil Kings.

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