Add Style to Your Character Designs
By Watching a Master at Work

Learn to create your own steampunk character and explore and develop your own designs with Lois Van Baarle.

Easily Create Characters Full of Personality

Hey there! Ever looked at awesome comic book characters such as Tank Girl and wondered how it was done? Well, wonder no more! In this series, Lois Van Baarle shows you how to create your own rad Steampunk Girl character concept art, complete with dreadlocks, piercings and other epic accessories!

Lois, known to her legions of online fans as Loish, has produced work for a wide range of clients, including C4 and CBBC – two hugely popular TV channels in the UK.

Now, she shows you to create awesome character concept art of your own in this series of seven easy-to-follow video tutorials.

So, if you’ve always wanted to create comic book art like Tara McPherson or Jamie Hewlett, here’s your chance! Get ready to get Steampunked!

After watching this series, you’ll be all set to create a wide range of character concept art that will look epic in your portfolio. Lois will show you how to look around you and take visual references from all kindsof popular culture, whether it’s a cool sub-culture such as Steampunk or something more mainstream – it’s up to you!

So, pick up your pencils or take hold of your tablet – it’s time to get creative and unleash your artistic talent with character concept art!

Main Takeaways from this Course:

  • How to create thumbnail sketches and try out different poses for your character
  • Professional Photoshop techniques which you can apply to all of your artwork
  • How to decide on a look for your character and develop their personality
  • How to add clothes to your character and add details and accessories
  • Epic coloring and rendering tips that will help you work quickly
  • How to add finishing touches and bring your Steampunk Girl to life

Steampunk Girl Character Design
Learn to create your own steampunk character and explore and develop your own designs with Lois Van Baarle.
Module 1 Creative Concepts And Thumbnail Sketches
Use thumbnails to create your steam punk girl character concept.
Unit 1 01 - Creating Your Character
Unit 2 02 - Thumbnails and Finished Sketch
Module 2 Cool Coloring Techniques And Rad Rendering
Learn how to color and render your steam punk girl.
Unit 1 03 - Coloring Your Character
Unit 2 04 - Coloring and Rendering
Module 3 Adding a Background And Fab Final Details
Finish off your steam punk girl bay adding a background and final details.
Unit 1 05 - Adding a Background
Unit 2 06 - Refining Your Work
Unit 3 07 - Final Details and Finishing Touches

  • Category: Character
  • Medium: Digital
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Artist: Lois Van Baarle

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