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PK 221: 100 Day Artist Challenge

In this week’s episode of the Pencil Kings podcast, Mitch Bowler discusses his new 100 Day Artist Challenge. He explains how spending just one hour per day working toward your goals can make a huge impact on your career, your art, and your life. Mitch also talks about his personal journey to becoming an artist, the importance of overcoming the fear of failure, and how he wrote a book in just three weeks. Stay tuned to discover how to make the most out of your next 100 days!

PK 220: Artist Business Money

In this week’s episode of the Pencil Kings podcast, Alexis Fedor, the Founder of Artists In Business, joins Mitch Bowler to discuss how she helps artists start successful online businesses. Alexis shares a story about an artist who overcame her limiting beliefs and went on to earn six figures. She also talks about her personal journey to success, the dangers of comparison, and why now is the best time to create an online business for your art. Stay tuned.

PK 219: Artist Productivity

In today’s episode of the Pencil Kings podcast, Marco Bucci, an acclaimed painter and illustrator, sits down with Mitch Bowler to talk about what it means to be a full-time artist. Marco discusses how to create a productive work/life balance and the importance of solving the big problems one step at a time. He also explains that while drawing is essential for learning art, it does not have to define your road to success. Stay tuned.

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