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PK 204: Strategies for Starting an Art Career with Allan McKay

Allan McKay is an Emmy Award winner for his outstanding work in visual effects. He is a Los Angeles-based visual effects supervisor and technical director. Allan is responsible for the visual effects in Game of Thrones, Avengers Endgame, Evil Within 2, The Equalizer, Blade, Star Trek: Into Darkness, and many more. He has over 20

PK 203: Understanding Artistic Identity with Zhiwan Cheung

Zhiwan Cheung is a Fulbright Fellow, artist, video storyteller, and freelance web developer. His passion for art and desire to create has led him to connect with artists all over the world to tell their stories and relate art to culture. His art wishes to explore perspective, signs, and the space in which we aim

PK 202: Quality Over Quantity In Your Art And Life with Liron Yanconsky

Liron Yanconsky is an artist, author, creator, and a watercolor painter. Liron is from Israel and he has started multiple businesses focused on art and health, and it’s his personal mission to inspire several artists to spread and improve their craft without foregoing the quality of their dedication to art. Liron is the owner and

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