10 Years of Helping Artists Online
5 Amazing Insights Into How To Be More Creative in Art, Based On Recent Research
5 Easy Ways To Improve Your Artistic Eye
5 Reasons Why We Love Symmetry in Art so Much (And How You Can Use This Research to Create Even More Awesome Paintings)
5 Tips for Sketching Outdoors To Improve Your Art Skills
5 Ways For Artists To Beat Creativity Killers
Adding Details to the Hairline
Anime Comic Painting | 01 |Laying in Flat Colors
Anime Comic Painting | 04 |Color Adjustment Part 2
Anime Comic Painting | 05 |Color Variety
Anime Comic Painting | 06 |Adding Shadow
Anime Comic Painting | 07 | Adding Highlights
Anime Painting in Photoshop | 02 |Putting Flat Layers in Clothes
Are Public Schools Shortchanging Your Child’s Creativity?
Are Step by Step Drawing Lessons Dead?
Are you Guilty of Killing Your Own Creative Dreams?
Bring The Action! 5 Easy Ways To Create Exciting Movement Drawings
Can Censorship In Art Cramp Your Creativity? 5 Ways To Make Art Without Causing Offence
Car Caricature Color | 01 |Adding Local Color Values
Car Caricature Color | 02 |Adding Lighter Tonal Values
Car Caricature Color | 03 |Revved up for Rendering
Car Caricature Color | 04 |The Key to Color Rendering
Car Caricature Lineart | 01 | Introduction to Drawing Cars
Car Caricature Lineart | 02 |Creating a Thumbnail Sketch
Car Caricature Lineart | 03 |Using Proportions and Perspective
Car Caricature Lineart | 04 |Creating a Detailed Initial Sketch
Car Caricature Lineart | 05 |Learning About Lines
Car Caricature Lineart | 06 |Cleaning up Your Lineart
Car Caricature Lineart | 07 |Get Into Gear With the Pen Tool
Car Caricature Lineart | 08 |Fine Lines and Final Details
Car Caricature Render | 01 |Get into Gear for Detailed Color Rendering
Car Caricature Render | 02 |Working on the Windshield and Creating the Chrome
Car Caricature Render | 03 |Creating a Cool Chrome Effect
Car Caricature Render | 04 |Finishing Touches
Caricature | 00 |Introduction to Caricature
Caricature | 01 |Relationships Between Features
Caricature | 02 |Basic Head Shape
Caricature | 03 |Studying The Skulls
Caricature | 04 |Exaggerating the Body and Hair for Creative Caricatures
Caricature | 05 | Exploring Possibilities Through Thumbnails
Caricature | 06 |Creating a Refined Sketch
Caricature | 07 |Creating a Grayscale Color Value Image
Caricature Painting | 02 |Tonal Values
Caricature Painting | 03 |Tonal Values and Detailed Shading
Caricature Painting | 04 |Features
Caricature Painting | 05 |Details
Caricature Painting | 06 |Hair and Details
Cartoon Pin Up Girl | 03 |Focusing on the Face & Clean Up
Cartoon Pin Up Girl | 04 |Drawing the Hands & Skirt
Cartoon Pin Up Girl | 05 |Drawing the Feet, Shading, and Line Work
Cartoon Pin Up Girl | 06 |Final Details and Shading
Character Design Ideas: Building the Perfect Reference Library
Character Design Tips For Better Concept Art: 5 Step Process
Cleaning up Lineart in Photoshop
Clearly Creative: 5 Ways To Write Your Own Artistic Manifesto For Productive Results
Color Theory | 01 |Primary and Secondary Colors
Color Theory | 02 |Intermediate Colors
Comic Penciling | 02 |How to Draw Female Child Proportion
Comic Penciling | 03 |How to Sketch Poses
Comic Penciling | 04 |Choosing a Pose
Comic Penciling | 05 |Composition
Comic Penciling | 06 |Using Reference
Comic Penciling | 07 |Creating Structure
Comic Penciling | 08 |Adding Hair and Clothes
Comic Penciling | 09 |Facial Features
Comic Penciling | 10 |Revision and Line Art
Comic Penciling | 11 |Line art for Face and Body
Comic Penciling 01 – Introduction to Alice
Congratulations to Everyone Who Took Part in the Team PK Giveback Campaign 2015!
Could Mobile Apps Replace Your Sketchbook?
Create Your Own Character: How to Write an Outline for Your Characters
Create Your Space: 5 Awesome Ideas How to Make an Art Studio in Your Home
Creative Rut? We’ve Got 5 Solutions For That…
Digital Painting | 01 |How to Clean Up a Scanned Drawing
Digital Painting | 03 |Establishing Colors
Digital Painting | 03 |Establishing Colors
Digital Painting | 04 |Creating Texture
Digital Painting | 05 |Separating the Head & Background
Digital Painting | 06 |Rendering the Clothing & Setting the Background
Digital Painting | 07 |How to Paint Hair in Photoshop
Digital Painting | 08 |Painting Skin in Photoshop
Digital Painting | 09 | Refining the Face
Digital Painting | 10 |Refining and Fixing
Digital Painting | 11 |Adding Highlights
Digital Painting | 12 |Cleaning Up
Digital Painting | 13 |Final Texture
Digital Painting Techniques | 02 |Establishing Tone and Value
Do you Suck at Drawing Hands and Feet?
Drawing a Caricature | 01 | Reference and Setup
Drawing a Caricature | 02 | Drawing the Face
Drawing a Caricature | 03 | Hair and Stubble
Drawing a Caricature | 04 | Final Details
Drawing Expressions | 01 | How to Warm Up For Sketching
Drawing Expressions | 02 |How to Draw a Smile
Drawing Expressions | 03 |Curious Expression
Drawing Expressions | 04 |Scared/Surprised Expression
Drawing Expressions | 05 |Bare “Bones” Expressions
Drawing Expressions | 06 |The Angry Face
Drawing Expressions | 07 |The Sad Expression
Drawing Face Proportions Made Easy in 5 Steps With Advice From Professional Artists
Drawing Hair and Clothing | 01 | Understanding Hair Drawing
Drawing Hair and Clothing | 02 |Hairlines Explained
Drawing Hair and Clothing | 03 |Drawing Hairlines Explained Pt.2
Drawing Hair and Clothing | 05 |Clothing Surface Direction
Drawing Hair and Clothing | 06 |How to Draw Tight Clothing
Drawing Hair and Clothing | 07 |Loose Clothing and Surface Direction
Drawing Hair and Clothing | 08 |Loose Clothing 2 – Drawing a Geisha’s Long Robe
Drawing Hair and Clothing | 08 |Loose Clothing 2 – Drawing a Geisha’s Long Robe
Drawing Hair and Clothing | 09 | How to Draw Fabric Pulls and Folds
Drawing Hair and Clothing | 10 | Drawing Shoes for the Geisha
Drawing Hands and Feet | 01 |How to Learn Hand Drawing Basics
Drawing Hands and Feet | 02 |How to Draw Hand Symmetry Correctly
Drawing Hands and Feet | 03 |How to Draw Hand Poses
Drawing Hands and Feet | 04 |How to Draw Hand Interactions
Drawing Hands and Feet | 05 |Drawing Hands with Force
Drawing Hands and Feet | 06 |Basic Foot Drawing Construction
Drawing Hands and Feet | 08 |Drawing Tip Toes
Drawing Hands and Feet | 09 |Drawing Shoes
Drawing Noses and Other Facial Features in 5 Simple Steps From Professional Artists
Drawing Skin Over a Simple Skull Drawing
Face Drawing Fundamentals – Drawing Skin on the Skull
Face Drawing Fundamentals – Drawing Skin on the Skull
Face Drawing Fundamentals – Female Face Proportions
Face Drawing Fundamentals – How to Draw a Jaw
Face Drawing Fundamentals | 06 | Rotating the Face
Face Drawing Proportions | 01 |Drawing a Sphere for the Head
Face Drawing Proportions | 02 |Basic Proportions of the Face
Face Drawing Proportions | 03 |Drawing Facial Features
Face Drawing Proportions | 04 | Mouth, Eyebrows and Hair
Face Drawing Proportions | 04 | Mouth, Eyebrows and Hair
Face Drawing Proportions | 04 |Mouth, Eyebrows and Hair
Face Fundamentals | 05 | Cartoon Female Face
Face Fundamentals | 07 |Drawing a Realistic Male Face
Face Fundamentals | 08 |Cartoon Male Side View
Face Fundamentals | 09 |Drawing Babies
Face Fundamentals | 10 |Drawing Cartoon Babies
Face Fundamentals | 11 |Drawing Face Proportions
How I Created a Professional Art Career…Without the Help of Art School
How to Draw a Mouth – Why Male and Female Lips are Different
How to Draw a Mouth | 02 |Drawing Lips
How to Draw a Mouth | 04 | Drawing Teeth
How to Draw a Mouth | 05 |Drawing the Open Mouth and Jaw
How to Draw a Mouth |01| Understanding the Mouth Curve
How to Draw a Nose – Part 1 – Structure
How to Draw a Nose | 03 |Nose Placement
How to Draw a Nose | 04 | Differences Between Male and Female Noses
How to Draw a Skull in 8 Simple Steps for Beginner Artists
How to Draw an Ear | 01 |Side View
How to Draw an Ear | 02 | Front View
How to Draw an Ear | 03 |The Rear View
How to Draw an Ear | 04 |Placing the Ear on the Head
How to Draw an Eye | 01 |Eyeball Structure
How to Draw an Eye | 03 | Eye Placement
How to Draw an Eye | 04 | Eyebrows on the Male and Female
How to Draw an Eye | 05 |The Basic Eye Shape
How to Draw an Eye | 06 |Eye Expressions
How to Draw an Eye | 07 |Matching the Eyes
How to Draw an Eye | 08 | Create New Eye Styles
How to Draw an Eye And Create Perfect Eyelids and Eyelashes
How to Draw an Eye Step by Step – Matching the Eyes
How to Draw and Rotate the Head
How to Draw Different Nose Shapes
How to Draw Different Types of Noses
How to Draw Ears
How to Draw Expressions | 01 |Drawing a Neutral Expression
How to Draw Expressions | 02 |Drawing a Happy Expression
How to Draw Expressions | 03 |Drawing a Worried Expression
How to Draw Expressions | 04 |Drawing an Angry Expression
How to Draw Expressions | 05 |Drawing a Furious Expression
How to Draw Expressions | 06 | Drawing a Laughing Expression
How to Draw Expressions | 07 |Drawing a Surprised Expression
How to Draw Expressions | 08 |Drawing a Confused Expression
How to Draw Expressions | 09 | Mixing and Matching Expressions
How to Draw Hair | 01 |Hair Foundation
How to Draw Hair | 03 | Hair Flow and Texture
How to Draw Hands Without the Hassle
How to Draw Symmetrical Eyes
How to Draw Teeth
How to Draw the Eyeball
How to Draw the Eyelids, Eyelashes, and Eyebrows
How to Draw the Eyes
How to Draw the Face
How to Draw the Jaw
How to Draw the Lips
How to Draw the Male and Female Mouth
How to Draw the Planes of the Face
How to Draw The Proportions of the Face
How to Draw the Skull
How To Find Inspiration For Art After Art School
How to Make Prints of Your Art For Killer Portfolios and Exhibitions
How to Paint Hair in Photoshop
How to Photograph Paintings & Drawings for a Great Art Portfolio – 5 Awesome Tips for Artists
How to Shade the Face
Interview: Meet Pencil Kings Founder Mitch Bowler and Find Out How it All Began
Is Being Creative Always a Lonely Art? 5 Ways To Win At Being An Introvert
Is There An Artistic Side Of The Brain? New Research Says It’s a Gray Matter
Job Vacancies for Artists: We Want You on Our Team!
Kapow! 5 Reasons Why We Love Superheroes So Much
Learn How to Draw Perfect Pinups Every Time!
Motorcycle Concept Sketching | 01 |Introduction
Motorcycle Concept Sketching | 02 |Reviewing the Parts of a Motorcycle
Motorcycle Concept Sketching | 03 |Drawing Thumbnail Sketches
Motorcycle Concept Sketching | 04 |Refining Thumbnail Sketches
Motorcycle Concept Sketching | 05 |Blocking out Basic Tones and Shapes
Motorcycle Concept Sketching | 07 |Rendering the Body Part 1
Motorcycle Concept Sketching | 08 |Rendering the Body Part 2
Motorcycle Concept Sketching | 09 |Rendering the Body Part 3
Motorcycle Concept Sketching | 10 |Final Touches and Recap
Need Inspiration for Drawing? Listen Closely…
Our Guide to The Ultimate Drawing Tools and Drawing Software
Paint a Zombie Facebook Profile with Free Software
Painting a Pin Up | 01 |Setting Up
Painting a Pin Up | 02 |Skin Coloring
Painting a Pin Up | 03 |Light Values
Painting a Pin Up | 04 |Painting Tonal Values
Painting a Pin Up | 05 |Color Pass
Painting a Pin Up | 06 |Creating the Background
Painting a Pin Up | 07 |Final Details and Lighting
Painting a Realistic Portrait | 00 | The Tools & Palette
Painting a Realistic Portrait | 01 |Getting Started
Painting a Realistic Portrait | 02 |Adding Light Values
Painting a Realistic Portrait | 03 |Light Values Continued
Painting a Realistic Portrait | 04 |Form Shadows and Cast Shadows
Painting a Realistic Portrait | 05 |Adding Color Values
Painting a Realistic Portrait | 06 |Color and Definition
Painting a Realistic Portrait | 07 |Continuing with Color
Painting a Realistic Portrait | 08 |Values of Color
Painting a Realistic Portrait | 09 |Adding Details
Painting a Realistic Portrait | 10 |Final Steps
Pin Up Sailor Girl | 01 |How to Draw a Pose
Pin Up Sailor Girl | 02 |How to Draw a Pose Pt. 2
Pin Up Sailor Girl | 03 |How to Draw a Seated Pose
Pin Up Sailor Girl | 04 |How to Enlarge a Sketch
Pin Up Sailor Girl | 06 |Drawing the Costume Pt. 2
Pin Up Sailor Girl | 07 |Drawing the Hairstyle
Pin Up Sailor Girl | 08 |Finishing Details
PK 001: Sycra Yasin Interview on How to Create Your Own Style
PK 002: Diane Kraus Interview on How Artists Work and Connect Through Online Communities
PK 003: Kan Muftic Interview on Becoming a World Class Concept Artist
PK 004: Chris Kirkland Interview on Selling Your Artwork Online
PK 005: Sergio Paez Interview on Getting into the Big Name Studios
PK 006: Lazaro Ruiz Interview on Designing Your Own Toys
PK 007: Darren Yeow Interview About the Nomad Art Satchel
PK 008: Andrew Sides Interview on Artistic Development & Dinosaur Models
PK 009: Sourav Dhar on What it Takes to Become a Successful Matte Painter
PK 010: Shane Madden on Swapping Drawing Cadavers For Designing Harlequin Book Covers
PK 011: Ken Wong – Why Great Art Also Tells a Great Story
PK 012: Michael Grills on Why Chasing Fame Won’t Make You a Better Artist
PK 013: Derek Rodenbeck on Why Making Art And Doing What You Love Are Really Worth Fighting For
PK 014: Jennifer Llewellyn on Apps, Animation…And Never, Ever, Working For Free.
PK 015: Francis Vallejo on How Hip Hop Music Changed His Life And Art Forever
PK 016: Mechanical Apple on Why People Will Always Love Traditional 2D Animation
PK 017: Will Terrell on Putting The Fun Back Into Your Art
PK 018: Pencil Kings Founder Mitch Bowler Talks Art, Inspiration And Following Your Dreams
PK 019: Dan Davis from Steam Crow on Monsters, Making Art And Being True To Your Vision
PK 020: Oliver Dominguez on Hats, History and Keeping Your Portfolio Fresh
PK 021: Adam Volker from Moonbot Studios: Why Winning an Academy Award Is Only The Start
PK 022: Jared Fiorino on Rollercoasters, Fashion, and Going After Your Dreams
PK 023: Judy Clement Wall On Making Art, Facing Your Demons And Loving Fearlessly
PK 024: Dwayne Vance Talks About Taking on Creative Depression and Winning
PK 025: Cat Lavery on Launching Your Art Career With Kickstarter Campaigns and Passion
PK 026: Yamile Yemoonyah on Turning Making Art Into Making a Decent Living
PK 027: Book of Life Illustrator Dustin d’Arnault on Why Art is a Lifestyle Choice
PK 028: Artist Cyrus Smith on Expanding Your Horizons and Working Collectively
PK 029: Arturo Aguirre on Kock Fighter Club and Creating Your First Comic Books
PK 030: Kevin Kramer – Why 4 Pencils And a Napkin Are All You Need For Super Realistic Pencil Portraits
PK 031: Veggie Tales Artist Joe Spadaford on Creating Your Perfect Portfolio and Finding Your Creative Niche
PK 032: Ugmonk founder Jeff Sheldon on Designing With Passion
PK 033: Bioware Artist Tyler Lee on Dragon Age and Determination
PK 034: Chandler Bolt on 3 Easy Steps For Publishing Your First eBook
PK 035: VFX Legend Allan McKay on How to Make it in The Visual Effects Industry
PK 036: Simon Dyjas on Photography, Art, And Why we All Need to Learn to Fail Better
PK 037: Derek Rodenbeck on Swapping Comic Book Art for LVN UP Clothing
PK 038: Digital Artist Roz Hall Talks Tablets and Creativity
PK 039: Cory Huff on Why We Need to Dispel The Starving Artist Myth
PK 040: Iconic Illustrator Dave Calver on his 40 Year Creative Career
PK 041: Justin Harder from Claus Studios on How to Connect Your Art With Your Audience
PK 042: Artist Elise Hathaway on Rejection and Determination
PK 043: Nancy Drew Illustrator Erin McGuire on Self-doubt and Getting Your Art Noticed
PK 044: Silencing Your Inner Critic. Interview with Artist Byron Slaybaugh
PK 045: Brandon Martynowicz on Art & Determination
PK 046: How 3D Artist Mohammad Hossein Attaran Defied Boundaries to Stay Creative
PK 047: 3D Artist Morten Jaeger on Finding His Own Unique Style
PK 048: Joshua Viers on how to be a Freelance Artist
PK 049: Artist Brandon Pike on Style and Simplicity
PK 050: Artist Derek Rodenbeck on how to Survive Rejection
PK 051: VFX Supervisor Mat McCosker on Why Collaboration is The Key to Creativity
PK 052: Artist Oliver Wetter on How to Make Money on Patreon
PK 053: James Cornette on Surviving a Year as an Artist
PK 054: Artist Jesse Aclin on How to Have Fun With Your Style
PK 055: Fine Artist Jane Radstrom on not Selling Out
PK 056: Artist Dennis Brown on Finding Your Style Through Different Media
PK 057: Kelly Christophers on Art, Travel, and Creative Communities
PK 058: Brian Blasiak on How Artists Can Find Opportunities
PK 059: Donato Giancola on Museums, Inspiration and Painting From Your Heart
PK 060: How Matthew Griffin Took The Scary Plunge to Become an Illustrator
PK 061: Randy Gaul on Why Now is Such an Exciting Time to be an Artist
PK 062: How Dane Hallett Went From Working in a Call Center to Big Budget Films
PK 063: Noah Klocek on Working at Pixar and Becoming a Better Artist & Storyteller
PK 064: Brendan Carroll on What it Really Means to Find Your Voice as an Abstract Artist
PK 065: Dennis Brown on How to Get Your Art Printed on Merchandise
PK 066: Hendrik Visser on Becoming a Theme Park Artist & Working on Side Projects
PK 067: Marco Plouffe on Loving Life as a Video Game Artist
PK 068: Vicky Rubin on Choosing The Best Graphics Tablet For Artists
PK 069: Aaron Kupferman on How Artists See the World Differently
PK 070: Derek Rodenbeck on How to Start a T-shirt Business
PK 071: How Grey Jabesi Hustled His Way to a Rewarding Career as an Artist
PK 072: Ahmed Aldoori on How to Become a Concept Artist
PK 073: Mitch Bowler on How to Finish What You Started as an Artist in 2016
PK 074: What’s Really Stopping You From Making Art?
PK 075: How to Become an Artist…and get Paid
PK 076: Can you Really Find Jobs for Artists on Social Media?
PK 077: Jon deMartin on Classical Figure Drawing Techniques
PK 078: How to Learn a New Creative Skill as an Artist
PK 079: How to Develop as an Artist and Play to Your Strengths to Create Your Best Work
PK 080: Learn Cartoon Animation Software With Jeff Maksuta
PK 081: How to Start a Creative Career – Interview With Mike Clarida Part 1
PK 082: 3 Key Steps For Your Creative Career – Interview With Mike Clarida Part 2
PK 083: The Big Difference Between Artist and Craftsman – Interview with Jake Mengers from Bruvva
PK 084: Cinzia Angelini on Making the Mila Film – an Incredible New CG Animated Short
PK 085: Eliot Min on Making Manga Art and Video Games
PK 086: Jonah Lobe Talks About Creativity and Depression…and how to Beat it
PK 087: How David Luong Became a Cinematic VFX Artist at Blizzard – one of the World’s top Game Studios
PK 088: Should Visual Artists Start a YouTube Channel? Nikolas Hagialas on the Important Questions to ask Yourself First
PK 089: How to Become an Artist in the Film Industry – Interview with Matte Painter Conrad Allan
PK 090: Acclaimed Illustrator Cale Atkinson Reveals How to Become a Freelance Artist
PK 091: Creative Career Advice from Carl Olson at Digital Convergence
PK 092: Beat Creative Block With Youngman Brown From Your Creative Push
PK 093: What’s The Reality of a Freelance Art Career? Ask Shane Madden…
PK 094: Social Media for Artists – Derek Rodenbeck on How to Grow Your Following
PK 095: How to Get Hired in The Video Game Industry – With Overwatch Artist Corey Pelton
PK 096: How to Become a Fantasy Concept Artist With Gateway Creator, Sean Murray
PK 097: ArtRage Artist Phil Galloway Reveals How Twitter Helped Launch His Career
PK 098: Renee Chio Reveals How to Find Your Voice as an Artist and Get Your Work Noticed
PK 099: How to Launch Your Creative Project – With Merida Creator, Brenda Chapman
PK 100: The Best of Pencil Kings Top 10 Artist Interviews in One Awesome Podcast
PK 101: How to Get Back Into Making Art..Even if Life Has Gotten in The Way
PK 102: Artistacon – a New Creative Convention You Won’t Want to Miss
PK 103: Should You Be Exhibiting at Art Conventions?
PK 104: Are you Ready to go Freelance? Why Steve Riederer Quit a Full-time Career for art
PK 105: Assassin’s Creed Artist Fred Rambaud Reveals How to Be a Successful Freelance Concept Artist
PK 106: Why the Independent Animation Industry is so Exciting for Artists
PK 107: How to be More Creative – 4 Effective Techniques to Help You Stay Consistent
PK 108: What Makes You An Artist? Dorian Vallejo Explains How to Follow Your Passion
PK 109: How to Create Your Own Comic Books – With Fright Comics Founder, Alex Banchitta
PK 110: How to Hustle in Your Art Career – Interview With Jonas Koffler, Co-author of Hustle
PK 111: Making The Most of Your Time in Art School – Interview With Concept Artist, Cathleen McAllister
PK 112: Creating a Graphic Novel and Finding Time for Art – Interview With Patricio Clarey
PK 113: The Freedom of a Freelance Art Career – Interview With Acclaimed Illustrator, Derek Stenning
PK 114: How to Get Hired as an Artist – Interview With Concept Artist, David Tilton
PK 115: How YOU Can Become a Great Artist – Interview With Kevin Murphy, Founder of The Art Academy
PK 116: Inside the Creative Mind With Fine Artist & Former Marvel Colorist John Wellington
PK 117: Finding Your Focus as an Artist – With Derek Rodenbeck
PK 118: Thumbnail Sketching and Creative Flow – Interview With Concept Artist, Katy Grierson
PK 119: Indie Gaming and Iron Tides – Interview With Crash Wave Games Co-founder, Carina Kom
PK 120: How to bring your creative project to life – Interview with Jon Schindehette, Owner of Art Order
PK 121: How to Make it as an Artist (Even When They Say You Can’t!) – With Fashion Illustrator, Christina Burton
PK 122: Are you cut out for a Creative Career? Interview with Concept Artist, Ned Rogers
PK 123: How to Balance Your Career With Your Creativity – Interview with Illustrator, Liz Gera
PK 124: How to Publish Your First Children’s Book – With Illustrator, Oliver Kriel
PK 125: How to Stay Creative – Even When Things Don’t go to Plan! With Illustrator, Derek Rodenbeck
PK 126: Artistacon 2016 – What Happened at The New Art Event of The Year? Interview With Chris Kotsakis & Enrico Botta
PK 130: How to Create a Graphic Novel and Launch it Successfully on Kickstarter. Interview With ‘North’ Creator, Scott Sawyer
PK 131: How to Build a Successful Freelance Art Career…Without Burning Out! Interview with Artist Diego Jourdan Pereira
PK 132: What if You Spent 3 Years on ONE Single Art Project? Jazz Day Illustrator, Francis Vallejo, Reveals How to Find Your Art Style
PK 133: Want to Unlock Your Creativity? Get Reckless! Interview with Clark Huggins, Creator of The Reckless Deck
PK 134: Why do YOU make art? Interview With Famous YouTube Artist Stan Prokopenko, aka Proko
PK 135: How to Become a Fantasy Artist: Interview with Traditional Artist & Illustrator, Nick Elias
PK 136: Building Your Art Career With Simon Morse From 3D Total Publishing
PK 137: Is your fan art legal? Let’s ask an IP Lawyer. Interview With IP Lawyer and Indie Filmmaker, Seth Polansky
PK 138: Get Your Professional Art Career Started With The Illustration Lighthouse
PK 139: How to Break Out of Art Jail – Interview With Chris Oatley from The Oatley Academy
PK 140: How to Become a Children’s Book Illustrator – Interview With John Martin
PK 141: Creativity and Travel – What I’ve learned from 5 months on the road. Interview with Artist, Blogger and Traveller, Derek Rodenbeck.
PK 142: Why Drawing With Force may be the Most Rewarding way to Learn Figure Drawing. Interview With Mike Mattesi
PK 143: Behind the Scenes With Etchr Lab’s Brand new Multi-purpose Satchel for Artists
PK 144: Want to Know How to Make a Video Game? Start Here. Interview with Nik Hagialas, Mask of Semblance Creator.
PK 145: How to Make an Art Portfolio…And Find More Paid Gigs! Interview With Concept and Fantasy Artist, Paul Yates.
PK 146: How to Become an Illustrator. Interview with Artist and Manga for Dummies Creator, Kensuke Okabayashi.
PK 147: Thinking of Becoming an Illustrator? How Artist, Kate Oleska, Switched Careers.
PK 148: What Does it Really Take to Make it as a Fine Artist? Interview With Art Industry Expert, Barney Davey.
PK 149: How to ask for Feedback From an Artist. Interview With Pencil Kings Founder, Mitch Bowler
PK 150: How to Have a Successful Art Career And Build Your Audience. Interview With Fantasy Artist, Iris Compiet.
PK 151: Creativity, Art and Mindfulness. Interview With Hyperrealist Artist, Ian Ingram
PK 152: Want to Become a Magazine Designer or Illustrator? How Katie Buckleitner landed her dream job at Cosmopolitan.
PK 153: How to Make an Animated Short Film. Interview with Creator of ‘The Wrong Rock’, Michael Cawood.
PK 154: How an Artist Agency can Help Your Career. Interview With Illustration Agency Owner, Anna Goodson.
PK 155: How to Become a Fantasy Illustrator. Interview With Fantasy Artist, Crystal Sully.
PK 156: Printing For Artists. How Matt Davis From Digital Print House is Shaking up the Print Industry for Creatives.
PK 157: Creating Your Own Comic Books. Interview With Spider-Man Noir Co-creator, Fabrice Sapolsky.
PK 158: How to Create a Webcomic…That Gets Noticed! Interview with ‘Deep Dark Fears’ Creator, Fran Krause
PK 159: How to Become a Better Artist…in Just 4 Months! Interview With Evolve Artist Student, Michelle Lopez.
PK 160: How to Turn Your Ideas Into an Animated Cartoon Series. Interview with Spook Squad Illustrator, Peter Richardson
PK 161: How to Navigate Your way to Artistic Success. Interview With Hand-drawn Lettering Artist, Sean McCabe
PK 162: Self Publishing for Artists. Interview With Author, JP Cawood.
PK 163: Can ANYONE Learn How to Draw? Interview With Jason Brubaker from Coffee Table Comics
PK 164: Dragons, Myths and Illustration – How Collette J Ellis Turned Her Passion Into a Career
PK 165: How to Live Like an Artist…and Build a Successful Creative Career. Interview With Artist Marc Scheff from
PK 166: How to Promote Your Art on Instagram. Interview With Mixed Media Artist and Illustrator, Donna Adi.
PK 167: Travel and Creativity. Interview with Jenni Onn From Creative Traveller Magazine.
PK 168: Can Making Art Change Your Life? Interview with Tamara Laporte From Willowing Arts.
PK 169: Witches, Demons, and Art. Inside the Creative Mind of Occult and Fantasy Artist, Jim Pavelec.
PK 170: How to Live Creatively. Interview With Mixed Media Artist, Tracy Verdugo.
PK 171: How to Unlock Your Creativity With Simple Lifestyle Changes – Interview with Author and Psychiatrist, Dr Srini Pillay.
PK 172: How to Break Into Comics: Interview With Michael Dolce, Creator of The Sire.
PK 173: How to Make the Art You Want to Make – Interview With Professional Artist and Illustrator, David Palumbo.
PK 174: How to Start a Comic Book – Interview With Comic Book Illustrator, Ryan Onorato.
PK 175: Travel and Living Creatively – Interview With Freelance Illustrator, Ladislas Chachignot.
PK 176: How to Copyright Artwork – Interview With IP and Social Media Lawyer, Paul Lomic
PK 177: Becoming a Children’s Book Illustrator – Interview With Matt B Lewis
PK 178: Sometimes You Need to Burn the Boats – Interview With Dorian Vallejo
PK 179: Welcome Back to the PK Podcast! – With Mitch Bowler
PK 180: Consistently creating award winning art students with Kevin Murphy
PK 181: Evolve Artist Update and Review… 2 Years After the Original Idea
PK 182: Evolve Artist Head Instructor – Piper Talladay
PK 183: Evolve Artist Community Review – Meet Evolve Community Superstar Peggy Durant
PK 184: Kristen Aundrea – From start to pro level art in 7 months – what?!
PK 185: What it really takes to make great art with Michael from Evolve
PK 186: Learning Realistic Oil Painting with Daniel Gonske
PK 187: Finding Bliss While Learning to Paint with Jan from Evolve
PK 188: Deep Dive into the Journey of an Animator
PK 189: The Future of Art Education with Mike Mattesi of
PK 190: Artist Business Insights with Suzanne Redmond of the Left Brain Artist Podcast
PK 191: 3 Simple Steps to Start Your Art Career
PK 192: Do you Love your art?
PK 193: How to Unlock Your Full Creative Potential
PK 194: The Journey to Building a Large Body of Artwork
PK 195: Living a Fully Creative Life with Derek Rodenbeck
PK127: Artist Kirsten Zirngibl on Da Vinci Syndrome, Synesthesia and Going Deeper With the Creative Process
PK128: Are You a Creative Introvert…and What can you do About it? Interview With Cat Rose from
PK129: Carl Potts on the Golden Age of Marvel…and How to Break Into the Comics Industry
Posing Your Character | 01 | How to Draw Female Proportions
Posing Your Character | 02 |How to Draw Male Proportions
Posing Your Character | 03 |How to Pose the Male Figure
Posing Your Character | 04 |How to Pose the Female Figure
Posing Your Character | 05 |How to Pose the Female Figure Part 2
Posing Your Character | 06 |How to Create a Dynamic Pose
Posing Your Character | 07 |How to Draw a Seated Pose
Posing Your Character | 08 |How to Polish The Pose
Quitting Art? 5 Good Reasons Why You Might Want To Hang In There, From Professional Artists
Scandalous! Our Guide to the Most Shocking Art Ever
Showcase Your Art and Help Charities in the #TeamPK GiveBack Campaign
Sketching on Location | 01 |How to Learn the Basics of Sketching on Location
Sketching on Location | 02 | Sketch Artist Interview Pt 2
Sketching on Location | 03 |Speed Sketching Process
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Stylized Painting | 16 |Finishing Touches
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