Being Creative often means that we have TOO many ideas...

We Help Artists Bring Their Creative Ideas to Life

The Three Stages of Bringing Your Ideas to Life

In order for your ideas to have the reach and impact they deserve you need to bring those ideas into reality.

This is the same process used to create Pencil Kings, and can be used for tiny ideas that can be done in a weekend, all the way to huge projects that will take years to complete. 

  1. 1
    Set the Foundation: Bring your big idea into reality by setting constraints and building a foundation for success so that even when you get knocked down you can get right back up and keep on moving forward.
  2. 2
    Expand Your Idea: Build upon your foundation by creating a space for experimentation and personal skill development as it applies specifically to your idea so you will know exactly what steps you need to do to turn your idea into reality.
  3. 3
    Create Your Vision: Put everything together you have learned and take that idea from head and build it into a finished product that you will be proud and excited to share with the world.

So... What is a Pencil King? 

…or a Pencil Queen or a Pencil Person?

A Pencil King is someone who has embraced their creativity and has found a way to integrate that into their life. 

The clearest example of this is using your creative skills as your main source of income.

A Pencil King is Not:

Someone who tears down other artists

Someone who is too scared to publish their work

In the truest form a Pencil King lives in complete alignment with the creative output that makes them feel alive and show up as their best self while simultaneously making it easier and more accessible for other creatives to reach this level of creative self-actualization.

Here are the traits of a Pencil King:
Growth Minded

In a nutshell… being a Pencil King means having the
courage to live your creative life on your own terms.

Why the World Needs More Pencil Kings

Let’s be honest - being a creative is not easy. Most people will not understand or be able to adequately support you in your vision. Society doesn’t always value creativity the way that it should, and unfortunately you know that as a creative person if you are not able to express yourself that there are very real negative effects.

The result of all of this is that there is a lot of pressure on us as creatives and if we are not willing to pursue what makes us come alive, it is very easy to fall into a trap that will lead you further and further away from the activities that allow you to be your best.

I’ve always said that if I wanted a safe/stable job that I would never have become an 'artist' and the truth is that because I’ve always pursued the creative ideas in my head my life has felt a lot more like an adventure booked filled with amazing friendships, opportunities, travel and having the opportunity to truly impact other people in a positive way and leave my mark on the world.

Are you a Pencil King already? Awesome - we’d love to help you take the next step so that this amazing community can support making your future ideas and projects even bigger and better.

Are you on your way to becoming a Pencil King? Great! We’re here as a supportive group that completely understands the challenges will face as you move towards letting that light inside of you shine as bright as it can.

How to Become a Pencil King?

And take those ideas in your head and share them with the world...

More than anything becoming a Pencil King is a state of mind where you feel connected to a larger community of artists that can relate to your ideas, while also feeling confident in your abilities to bring those ideas to life.

Set Your Foundation

The first step is the hardest because it is counter-intuitive. Creatives have TOO MANY IDEAS, and this double edged sword is our greatest strength and weakness at the same time. It’s a strength in that we can easily come up with enough creative projects to fill 10 lifetimes, but this also makes focusing on one single idea a challenge.

Often we’ll see artists who are stuck because they have no foundation at all, they’re simply hopping from idea to idea, inspired by what they see and feel, without realizing that they are actually like a car spinning its tires in the mud. It feels like a lot of progress is happening and you may move a little, but for all that effort there isn’t much forward momentum.

We see people stuck all the time… thinking they aren’t good enough and so they fall into the skill trap of constantly trying to improve, and while improvement is good, if you’re always working on learning and never releasing anything it’s easy to spend years stuck in learning mode.

When your foundation is set you are surrounding yourself with people who understand and support your vision

Expand Your Idea

In order to create work you are truly proud of and is of the best quality that you can produce you will need to expand both yourself and your ideas. This means having a growth mindset, and realizing that you can change, expand and create new realities and new work that is far beyond what you are capable of right now AND you can do it without needing to spend years and years doing it.

This is the space where once your foundation has been set you can safely explore and look at where to put your effort to take that idea in your head and take the first steps towards making it real, without feeling any pressure. While you are expanding your idea you’re in a safe place to make things.

Ironically this is the stage where most aspiring artists get stuck… they continually look to build and refine skills, however because they have never set their foundation they spin endlessly in this loop of feeling like they are not good enough, while simultaneously being inspired by the next video, image, game, comic book or movie they see and dive right back into learning. Eventually life gives them so many responsibilities to deal with that their time and space to be creative diminishes, and this is really a sad reality which could have been avoided.

When done in order and correctly this phase is where rapid learning and improvement happens where huge leaps in ability happen in very short periods of time.

Create Your Vision

One the foundation and growth has happened it’s time to assemble everything together and finally take that big idea and create the polished work that is a true reflection of your ultimate abilities and the best version of taking that idea from your head and presenting it to the world.

Usually this would be a scary step, but because you’ve done all the work aleready to make this idea the best that it can be you can release it to the world with confidence because you know that you’ve pushed yourself and your idea to the best versions of both that you can read right here and now (not in 10 years from now!), and you’ll have your people who will back you up and cheer you on as you reach the finish line and release your idea to the world.

The Secret Ingredient to Artistic Growth...

There’e one more important choice for you to make along the way that will dramatically affect how you feel the entire time during your creative process.  It’s no secret that creative people are often faced with mental health challenges.  We are constantly asking if we are good enough, and because our ideas are new, we’re often just making things up as we go.

It would be easier if we could just follow a recipe to be successful with our creative output, but it’s the lack of recipe that usually makes things exciting.  

That said… there is a way forward that you can use to judge wether or not you are on the right path: fun

There’s two ways we’ve seen for artists to grow and thrive.

One involves lots of hard work, feeling like you’re not good enough, and always feeling like you’re in a competition to be the best.  

The other way involves having fun and finding the sweet spot where you are naturally having fun and are genuinely curious and excited to explore expanding your creative abilities, network and the impact that your work has.  

Throughout all of your creative efforts if you can find the fun in what you are doing, more than anything this is going to serve you all the way through your life - and it will lead you to new, enjoyable places that you could never have dreamed of.  

When you use fun as your guide to tell you where to put your effort you will discover how your natural abilities and creative ideas can work in harmony together.  

I created Pencil Kings over ten years ago to show you the workflows of professional working artists, and now it's time to take the next step and move beyond simple skill building to bring your creative ideas to life together. 

Mitch Bowler

Founder, Pencil Kings

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