Tips on Painting Fur For Wildlife and Fantasy Artists

Tips on Painting Fur to Help You Get The Purr-fect Results You've Been Looking For in Your Wildlife, Fantasy and Concept Art








Jade Mere


Tips on Painting Fur for Purr-fect Results in Your Paintings

If you’re looking for some great tips on painting fur for wildlife, fantasy, or concept art, this new 7-part video course with acclaimed digital artist, Jade Mere, will provide you with all the skills you need.

Follow along as she explains each aspect of painting fur, and then watch her demos to see how she puts each technique into practice.

Before too long, you’ll be able to tackle paintings of dogs, cats, lions, tigers and wolves with confidence…and any confusion you had about painting fur will be history!

You’ll learn:

  • Simple techniques to help you understand light and shade
  • How to simplify the form of fur to help you get better results
  • How to paint fur in the right direction so it looks realistic
  • A wide range of painting techniques for digital and traditional artists
  • How to create a painting of a wolf from start to finish

After watching this course, you’ll have a great range of tips on painting fur at your fingertips.

Many beginner artists are confused by painting fur, but this easy-to-follow course breaks everything down into simple steps.

Just think…you’ll soon be able to paint a wide range of animals while enjoying your new-found painting skills.

You’ll understand how artists capture such incredible realism, and you’ll be well on your way to getting the same amazing results.

So, are you ready to get all the tips on painting fur you’ll ever need?

Get ready to enjoy your creativity and start getting the purr-fect results you’ve always wanted in your paintings!

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