Stylized Painting – Alice in Wonderland Pt3

Create a Fully Detailed Painted Chraracter
Starting from Flat Cel Shaded Colors








Sycra Yasin


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Psst…Don’t forget to watch the Alice in Wonderland Coloring┬áCourse first!

In this series, the highly-regarded cartoonist and illustrator, Sycra Yasin, will demonstrate how to create an awesome stylized painting of Alice, the main character from the timeless Lewis Carroll novel, Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland. Here, you’ll learn how to mix colors and apply layer after layer of subtle blends to create a stunning fully-rendered digital painting.

Sycra will guide you through every step in a series of fascinating lessons, revealing trade secrets and teaching you how to use Photoshop like a pro. As you progress through this series on stylized painting, you’ll learn industry standard techniques and tips that will add an extra dimension to your portfolio!

Once you’ve followed the lessons in this series, you’ll have an understanding of painting digitally in Photoshop that many would envy. Many people look at digital paintings and wonder just how the artist was able to achieve such incredible effects – after watching this series, you too will possess the skills sought by creative employers worldwide.

This series will show you everything you need to know about building up subtle areas of blended color to create a truly 3D look in your artwork. Sycra Yasin is always in huge demand for his unsurpassed knowledge of digital painting. Now, he’s sharing his skills with you so you can learn from him and become a leading digital artist in your own right.

Main Takeaways from this Course:

  • How to Apply Soft Light Layers as a Foundation for Blending
  • How to use the RGB Sliders to mix any Color you Want
  • How to Blend Colors for Professional Results
  • How to Make Features Such as the Eyes Jump out of the Canvas
  • How to Paint Flowing Locks of Super-Realistic Hair
  • How to Choose the Right Background and add Finishing Touches

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