Motorcycle Concept Design

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James Ellis


In this series, WETA Concept Artist James Ellis shows you how to create a rough render of a motorcycle design concept using a range of professional Photoshop techniques, such as masking, blocking in shades and blending tones and shading. Starting off from a thumbnail sketch, you’ll learn how to develop this into a finished digital painting quickly and get great results.

Concept design is an exciting area of the creative industry, where you could be designing vehicles to be used in animations and computer games. The skills you’ll pick up through watching this series will prove really useful in every other aspect of your artistic career and will encourage you to look at your work in a fresh light.

Once you’ve watched the lessons in this series, you’ll be able to add vehicle design concepts to your portfolio.

Creating concepts quickly to be used in animations or computer games is a great skill to have, with many opportunities to work in the design studios of some of the biggest names in the world.

This series will take you through the vehicle concept design process step by step, all accompanied by the unique humor and approach of instructor, James Ellis.

From him, you’ll learn not to be precious with your work and, instead, develop impressive cutting-edge motorcycle concept designs in a short space of time.

Main Takeaways from this Course:

  • How the Various Parts of a Motorcycle Work
  • How to Quickly Develop a Series of Thumbnail Sketches
  • How to Draw the Framework From Your Initial Idea
  • How to Quickly Block in Areas of Form and Shadow in Grayscale
  • How to Color Your Grayscale Painting and Create 3D Effects
  • How to Apply Finishing Touches to Make Your Concept Stand out

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