Lighting Moods in Digital Art Explained in 6 Easy-to-Follow Videos With Speedpainting Demos to Help You get Great Results Fast

Quick and effective Photoshop techniques to help you express different emotions in your digital paintings simply by changing the lighting in your composition.

Lighting Moods in Digital Art explained in 6 fun video tutorials.

Understanding how lighting can affect the mood or emotion in your paintings can help you create compositions with real impact.

And, in this new 6-part video course with Assassin’s Creed Concept Artist, Donglu Yu, you’ll discover exactly how it’s done.

Follow along with her speedpainting demos and discover how to create three paintings with very different emotions all from the same scene. Along the way, you’ll pick up stacks of professional Photoshop techniques which you’ll want to use again and again in all your digital art.

You’ll learn:

  • How to create a grayscale tonal value painting to use as a basis for three very different pieces
  • What color temperature is…and how to use warm and cool colors in your paintings to great effect
  • How adding sunlight can completely change the mood and emotion of your painting
  • How to create the effect of overcast lighting and misty lighting in your digital paintings
  • A wide range of professional Photoshop techniques to help you get amazing results quickly

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After watching this course, you’ll completely understand how to use lighting moods in digital art to help you get the results you’ve been looking for.

And, even if you prefer to paint using oils or acrylics, you’ll still be able to use these same principles in your work to achieve the emotional impact you want.

Understanding tonal values and lighting is your key to creating better paintings, and Donglu’s speedpainting demos will show exactly how to get great results in a short space of time.

Before you know it, you’ll start looking at your paintings in a different way…

And you’ll finally be able to master the atmospheric effects you’ve always admired in paintings by other artists.

So are you ready to understand lighting moods in digital art and how these can help you create beautiful and memorable digital paintings?

It’s all here in this fun and easy-to-follow video course 🙂

Lighting Vs Emotion - Donglu Yu
Learn how to create three different emotions in a digital painting simply by adjusting the lighting. In this 6-part course, Assassin's Creed concept artist, Donglu Yu, guides you through the processes she uses to get great results quickly and easily. Follow along with her speedpainting demos and discover the power of lighting vs emotions.
Module 1 Introduction and Grayscale Tonal Values
Learn how lighting affects the emotion of your paintings and get started with a grayscale tonal value painting which you can use to form the basis for three speedpaintings of the same scene with very different emotional impact.
Unit 1 Introduction
Unit 2 02 - Speedpainting Demo 01: Grayscale Tonal Values
Module 2 Color Temperature
Learn how using cool and warm colors can affect the mood or emotion of your paintings. Follow along with this speedpainting demo and learn the techniques used by professional concept artists and painters
Unit 1 03 - Speedpainting Demo 02: Color Temperature
Module 3 Adding Sunlight
Adding sunlight can bring a completely different feel to your painting. Learn how to create this effect in your own paintings and add warmth to your work.
Unit 1 04 - Speedpainting Demo 03: Adding Sunlight
Module 4 Adding Overcast Lighting
Overcast lighting is another great way to change the mood of your painting. See how it's done in this easy-to-follow module.
Unit 1 05 - Speedpainting Demo 04: Adding Overcast Lighting
Module 5 Adding Misty Lighting
Adding misty lighting can create an amazing atmosphere in your paintings. Learn how to get these exact same results by following along with Donglu's speedpainting demo.
Unit 1 06 - Speedpainting Demo 05: Adding Misty Lighting

  • Category: Painting
  • Medium: Digital
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Artist: Donglu Yu

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