Interior Design for Concept Art Pt3 - Learn how to Paint Digitally in Photoshop and Make Real Progress

Learn how to add color to your 3D render to create an awesome interior scene complete with a wide range of details to bring your composition to life!

Interior Design for Concept Art Pt3 – Learn how to paint digitally in Photoshop like a professional concept artist!

IMPORTANT: This is the final instalment of a 3-part course, so make sure you watch Parts 1 & 2 first.

Watch Part 1 here

Watch Part 2 here

Want to learn how to paint digitally in Photoshop and get the exact same results you see in movies and animations?

In Part Three of this new 3-part course, ReelFX development artist, Cathleen McAllister, shows you her complete painting process from start to finish.

There’s no time-lapse footage, no ‘here’s one I did earlier’ chapters – just complete detailed tuition, explanation, and guidance to help you get the results you’ve always wanted.

After watching this course, you’ll have everything you need to create next level digital art in Photoshop for all your compositions and characters.

So, why not get some fresh digital art skills at your fingertips today and wow your family and friends?

In Interior Design for Artists Part Three, You’ll learn:

  • How to draw over your 3D render to start bringing your composition to life
  • Quick and easy color blocking techniques to help you define your composition
  • Advanced techniques including light and shadow effects, specularity, and reflections
  • How to add those all-important details and finishing touches to your painting

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After watching this final chapter of our 3-part course on interior design for concept art, you’ll be able to paint interior scenes with complete confidence.

Just imagine being able to create amazing digital art where the only limit is your imagination…

No more struggling with the basics – it’s all explained for you right here in complete detail.

And, as you work on your skills and learn new techniques, you’ll be amazed at what you can actually achieve!

So, are you ready to pick up some next level skills for your portfolio and learn how to paint digitally in Photoshop? See you inside!

Interior Design for Concept Art Pt3 - Cathleen McAllister
Learn how to paint over your 3D render in the final installment of this extensive 3-part course! Watch over the shoulder of professional concept artist, Cathleen McAllister, as she shows you how to block in colors, add lighting and shadows, specularity and reflections, final details and much, much more.
Module 1 Drawing Over Your 3D Render
Learn how to draw over the 3D render you created in Part 2 and start putting your interior scene together.
Unit 1 01 - Drawing Over Your 3D Render Pt1
Unit 2 02 - Drawing Over Your 3D Render Pt2
Module 2 Color Blocking
See how to quickly block in areas of color to form the basis for your finished digital painting.
Unit 1 03 - Color Blocking Pt1
Unit 2 04 - Color Blocking Pt2
Unit 3 05 - Color Blocking Pt3
Module 3 Adding Light and Shadow
Learn how to create super-realistic lighting and shadows for your interior scene.
Unit 1 06 - Light and Shadow
Module 4 Coloring
Learn how to color your artwork by following along with a professional concept artist.
Unit 1 07 - Coloring Pt1
Unit 2 08 - Coloring Pt2
Unit 3 09 - Coloring Pt3
Module 5 Specularity, refelection, glow and tonal value
Learn how to make the objects in your room look even more realistic by mastering professional digital painting techniques.
Unit 1 10 - Specularity and Reflections
Unit 2 11 - Glow and Tonal Values
Module 6 Painting Details
Small details make a huge difference to your finished painting. Learn how to master them using a wide range of digital painting techniques.
Unit 1 12 - Painting Details Pt1
Unit 2 13 - Painting Details Pt2
Unit 3 14 - Painting Details Pt3
Unit 4 15 - Painting Details Pt4
Module 7 Color distribution
An even distribution of the colors in your palette will help bring your composition together. See how it's done in this module.
Unit 1 16 - Color Distribution
Module 8 Mirrors, logos, and other details
Learn how to add more realistic details to your digital painting and put the finishing touches to your interior.
Unit 1 17 - Mirrors and Other Details
Unit 2 18 - Further Refinements
Unit 3 19 - Adding Logos to Objects
Module 9 Finishing touches
Congrats - you've reached the final stages of this course! Now, learn how to add those all-important finishing touches to bring everything together.
Unit 1 20 - Finishing Touches

  • Category: Painting
  • Medium: Digital
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Artist: Cathleen McAllister

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