How to Draw Lips and Mouths For Better Results in Your Art

Complete Guide on How to Draw Lips and Mouths








Sycra Yasin


Learning how to draw lips and mouths is essential if you want to create better portraits or character concepts.

Have you ever drawn a mouth that comes out looking really flat…and you’re not sure what you need to do to give it a more natural feeling?

That’s where this easy-to-follow video course from Sycra Yasin will help.

You see, this is actually a problem many artists have when they first start learning how to draw lips and draw the mouth.

In the first lesson, you’ll learn how to overcome this problem by understanding and seeing the mouth as a three dimensional object. So, if you learn just one thing from these video lessons on how to draw lips and mouths, this may be the big breakthrough you need to have the biggest impact on your drawings and help you create natural-looking mouths.

These video drawing lessons will teach you how to draw lips and mouths with a system that is both easy to understand and designed to give you great-looking results!

Sycra Yasin is a master at breaking down the face into easy-to-understand parts, and he’ll be with you every step of the way throughout this series.

How to Draw Lips That Actually Look Real

And, once you’ve learned how to see the mouth as a 3D object (it’s amazing how much difference this makes, by the way), it’s time to learn how to draw lips.

You’ll do this using a ridiculously uncomplicated system that breaks the lips down into simple shapes. Before you know it, you’ll know exactly how to draw realistic, full lips with real depth to them. You’ll also learn about basic shading of the lips – as well as where not to shade.

In the last few lessons, you’ll cover more advanced topics such as: What are the main differences between mouths on male and female characters? How can you place the mouth on the face in perfect proportion? Plus, you’ll also learn how to draw an open mouth (which will come in super-handy for drawing all kinds of characters and expressions!)

Main Takeaways from this Course:

  • How to draw a mouth on a curve to give it depth
  • A simple guide to how to draw lips that will give you great results every time
  • What the differences between the male and female mouths are and how to draw them
  • Understand how to draw teeth
  • How to draw the mouth on the face
  • Learn how the jaw works and how to properly open it to draw people with open mouths

So, are you ready to dive in and learn how to draw lips and how to draw a mouth? See you inside!

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