Goal Setting for Artists - How to Set Goals for Your Creative Career and Get to Where You Really Want to be

The ultimate action plan to help you move forwards in your art career. Follow these simple steps to take action with your art and get to where you really want to be!

Goal setting for artists – how to get to where you really want to be in your creative career.

Wondering how to take your art career to the next level? This fun new course from Pencil Kings founder, Mitch Bowler, is packed with easy, actionable steps to help you develop your skills and create achievable goals for yourself.

Whether you’re happy being a hobby artist or you want to go professional, each module in this video course will help you take the right steps for your career and develop your skills.

From spending time on making the right stuff, to putting together a professional portfolio and devising a yearly plan for your art goals, this course has got everything you need to start taking action on your art right now.

So, if you’ve been dreaming of illustrating a graphic novel, becoming a concept artist, or mastering your skills as a portrait painter, you’ll find plenty in here to help you take the next steps. Ready to get started?

In Goal Setting for Artists, You’ll learn:

  • How to set goals as a hobby artist…and get the results you’ve always wanted
  • How to manage your time so you can start to make real progress
  • How to set big and small goals which you can actually achieve
  • How to spend time on the right stuff and really develop your creative skills
  • How to create a 1-year plan to help you move forwards in your art career

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After watching this course, you’ll have a much clearer idea of what kind of artist you are and what you cam achieve in your career.

Instead of not knowing where to start, you’ll have a clear set of goals on the horizon which you’ll be able to move forwards with.

And, as you start putting your new plans into action, you’ll begin to discover just what you’re truly capable of as an artist.

So don’t put your creative dreams on the back-burner any longer…

It’s time to take action and take the first steps towards a long and fulfilling career as an artist.

Can’t wait to get started? Well, let’s dive right in!

Goal Setting For Artists - Mitch Bowler
This new 8-part course will show you how to create actionable and achievable goals to help you progress with your art career and get to where you really want to be. Whether you're a hobby artist or you want to go pro, you'll find plenty of great advice in here to help you take your creative skills to the next level.
Module 1 Introduction and Goals for Hobby Artists
Get an overview of what you'll learn in this course and start taking the first steps to developing your skills as a hobby artist
Unit 1 01 - Introduction
Unit 2 02 - Goals for Hobby Artists
Module 2 Time Management, Big and Small Goals, and Yearly Goals
Learn the importance of good time management and how to set realistic goals for yourself to help push your art career forwards.
Unit 1 03 - Time Management
Unit 2 04 - Setting Big and Small Goals
Unit 3 05 - Yearly Goals Vs 90-day Goals
Module 3 Spending Time on the Right Stuff
Are you spending time on the right stuff? Learn how to develop the skills to help you create a professional portfolio that will help get you hired in your dream creative career.
Unit 1 06 - Spending Time on the Right Stuff
Module 4 Goal Setting and 1-year Plan for Pro Artists
Ready to go pro? This module will help you create a series of goals for your art career and develop a one-year plan to help you get to where you really want to be.
Unit 1 07 - Goal Setting For Pro Artists
Unit 2 08 - Your One Year Plan

  • Category: Foundation
  • Medium: Pencil
  • Level: Beginner
  • Artist: Mitch Bowler

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