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Francis Vallejo



Drawing faces is one of those things every artist wants to get right, but achieving this can be tricky – especially if you’re just starting out.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if there were some tried and tested techniques you could learn and apply to your drawings and paintings? Some simple formulas that just, y’know, worked each and every time?

Step forward Francis Vallejo! As a professional artist and tutor, this dude has put the hours in perfecting his techniques and passing his knowledge onto others.

And now, it’s time to pass these super-simple art hacks onto you!

First up, you’ll get an introduction to drawing faces and why this is such a fundamental part of your skillset as an artist. Whether you want to create realistic portraits, comic art or caricatures, you’re gonna need a framework to get started. And that’s exactly what this video course is all about.

Next, you’ll get a full tour of facial anatomy. Francis will show you how the face is constructed, how the proportions pan out, and how you can use a series of simple measurements to get things looking good.

After watching this, you’ll know your philtrum from your septum…and you’ll have the confidence to place facial features perfectly!

After this, Francis will cover drawing the neck – an often overlooked area of drawing faces. ‘What’s the neck got to do with drawing faces?’ we hear you ask. Well, it’s pretty much got everything to do with drawing faces as it turns out. Trust us – there’s stuff in this video that will change the way you draw figures forever!

Ever heard about Reilly rhythms? They’re about to become your best friend when it comes to drawing faces. Frank J Reilly was an American artist, illustrator and teacher who put together some amazing books on anatomy.

Now, Francis brings these fun formulas to life and shows you how you can incorporate these into your own work. Seriously, once you’ve got into the beat of these rhythms, you’ll wonder how you ever managed before!

And, once you’ve got those Reilly rhythms down, you’ll learn another uber-important part of drawing faces – understanding the planes of the face.

For this video, Francis takes you into the working process of Mike Mignola, the famous creator of the ever-popular Hellboy comics.

Finally, you’ll get six epic examples of lighting techniques for drawing faces. Look through any comic or graphic novel and you’ll see many of these techniques being used by professional artists – now it’s time to add them to your toolbox, too!

And, once you’re done, you can share your work on our Community page or our Facebook community group and get feedback from fellow artists just like you.

Here’s What You’ll Get From Watching This Video Course:

  • A complete understanding of facial anatomy and proportion
  • A full guide to drawing the neck which will totally complement your faces
  • The full lowdown on Reilly rhythms and how to use them in your own art
  • Get to know the planes of the face and how to use them to great effect
  • Six of the best lighting techniques for that added touch of realism!

After watching this video course, we reckon you’ll have developed a new-found confidence when it comes to drawing faces.

Honestly, there’s just so much cool stuff in here, and it’s great to see the formulas in books brought to life in six entertaining videos. And, we’re not exaggerating when we say the module on drawing the neck is nothing short of revolutionary!

Before long, you’ll be drawing faces like never before, so have fun and enjoy the ride! Oh, and don’t forget to upload your work to our Team PK Facebook pages afterwards – we’d love to see how far you’ve come with drawing faces!

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