Drawing Big Cats – Everything You Need to Draw Lions and Tigers…oh my!

Drawing Big Cats Explained in 6 Fun and Easy to Follow Steps








Jade Mere


Drawing Big Cats Explained in 6 fun Video Tutorials

If you’ve ever wanted to draw big cats for wildlife, fantasy or concept art, this new 6-part course from artist Jade Mere has got everything you need.

Follow along with each video, and get a complete understanding of all the techniques involved in drawing lions, tigers, panthers, and just about any big cat you can imagine!

Then, see how Jade develops her own big cat drawings and paintings from start to finish in three demos, explaining her process in detail so you can get the same results.

You’ll learn:

  • The basics of big cat anatomy and how to define forms using simple shapes
  • How to learn even more through big cat gesture drawings
  • How to start with a basic sketch and develop this into a final sketch
  • How to define form using highlights and shadows
  • How to add those all-important stripes to your big cat drawings

After watching this course, you’ll have a complete understanding of drawing big cats.

You’ll be able to look at photos of these beautiful creatures, or even draw studies from life at your local wildlife park or zoo.

Those complex forms and muscle groups will suddenly seem much easier to draw, because you’ll know how to break these down into simple shapes, such as circles and rectangles.

And it doesn’t matter whether you work using paints, pencils or pixels – the skills you’ll learn through watching this 6-part course can be applied to any medium.

So, are you ready to explore the exciting world of drawing big cats?

Get ready to unleash your wild, creative side and master a new art skill today 🙂

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