Digital Sketching in Perspective Made Simple for Better Results in Your Paintings and Drawings

Master the rules of perspective by learning how to draw simple shapes using easy-to-follow techniques. After watching this 8-part course, you'll have the skills to draw buildings and other complex structures at your fingertips.

Digital Sketching in Perspective. Simple techniques for noticeably better results.

Ever been confused by perspective?

We hear you. Mastering perspective can be one of the biggest challenges for any artist. And sometimes, looking through all those complicated diagrams in textbooks can be downright scary!

In fact, it’s no surprise many artists give up trying to learn perspective completely. And that’s a real shame, because it can make a huge difference to your drawings and paintings.

So wouldn’t it be great if you could learn the rules of perspective using simple techniques to help you work out all those lines and vanishing points?

Well, now you can.

Because this easy-to-follow 8-part course on digital sketching in perspective from experienced draftsman and illustrator, Shane Madden, has everything you need to get to grips with drawing perspective once and for all.

You’ll learn:

  • How to draw simple shapes in perspective to help you understand the principles
  • How to draw multiple shapes and work out vanishing points
  • How to draw shadows and reflections in perspective
  • How to apply the same techniques to drawing any object

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So are you ready to solve the mystery of perspective and take your drawing skills up a notch with this new digital sketching in perspective course?

Before you know it, you’ll be drawing roads disappearing into the distance, buildings where everything just looks right, and shadows and reflections that look as if they really belong there.

And, although the techniques taught in this course are demonstrated using a graphics tablet and software, you’ll find they work just as well if you’re using good ol’ fashioned pencil and paper.

So why not get started today? Download the free perspective grid supplied with this course, and see how these simple techniques on digital sketching in perspective can change the way you draw and paint forever.

Digital Sketching in Perspective - Shane Madden
Learn the basics of perspective drawing using digital art software. See how to construct simple shapes and draw them in perfect one, two, and three point perspective. Then, discover how to stack these shapes on top of each other and how to draw shadows and reflections in perspective. This course will give you a solid foundation for drawing objects in perspective, and gives you simple guidelines to follow for great results in your drawings and paintings.
Module 1 Drawing a Cube and Using a Perspective Tool
Learn the basics of perspective by drawing a simple cube. Then, download your free perspective tool and see how to use it for perfect results in your paintings and drawings.
Unit 1 01 - Drawing a Cube in Perspective
Unit 2 02 - Creating and Using a Perspective Tool
Module 2 Dividing and Drawing Multiple Cubes
Learn how to divide your cube up into smaller cubes. This will give you a good basis for drawing multiple cubes and learning more about the rules of perspective.
Unit 1 03 - Dividing a Cube
Unit 2 04 - Drawing Multiple Cubes
Module 3 Drawing Ellipses and Stacking and Rotating Cubes
If you've ever struggled with drawing ellipses, this module will show you a fail-proof method to get them right. Then, you'll learn how to stack and rotate your cubes in perspective to give you a solid basis for all your drawings and paintings.
Unit 1 05 - How to Draw Ellipses
Unit 2 06 - Stacking and Rotating Cubes
Module 4 Shadows and Reflections in Perspective
The rules of perspective also apply to shadows and reflections. Learn how to draw them accurately for more realistic results in your artwork.
Unit 1 07 - Shadows in Perspective
Unit 2 08 - Reflections in Perspective

  • Category: Foundation
  • Medium: Digital
  • Level: Beginner
  • Artist: Shane Madden

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