Digital Fantasy Concept Art: Painting the Pencil King

Advanced Digital Painting Techniques to
Create a Traditional Look with Digital Tools








Mark Behm


In this 2 hour lesson series you will follow Mark Behm as he shows you how he put together this amazing painting.

Starting from a scanned sketch, Mark doesn’t waste any time in getting into adding color and lighting into the piece. If you look closely at the image above you can appreciate that the painting doesn’t have the similar Photoshop brush strokes that you see in many works these days, and that’s because the techniques that Mark uses are rooted in traditional painting and will help you keep that natural organic feel in your own work.

This lesson series is a great place to start learning what you can do when you push Photoshop to the limits. Also, if you’ve been afraid to try painting digitally, but have a good knowledge of traditional painting, this lesson will show you how you can take that understanding of traditional media and apply it with the computer.

Through this series you’ll also gain a much deeper understanding of how professional artists work, and how they are able to quickly achieve such stunning results.

Main Takeaways from this Course:

  • How to Achieve Natural Looking Digital Work
  • Lighting Your Character
  • How to Work Quickly and Efficiently
  • Tips on How to Find Mistakes With Your Work
  • Simple and Effective Lighting Techniques
  • Using Textures and Photos in Your Work

Is Today the Day You Get Back Into Art?