Digital Painting for Beginner Artists – Learn the Process From Start to Finish

Unleash Your Creativity and Explore the Exciting World of Painting Digitally in Photoshop








Jade Mere


Digital Painting for Beginner Artists – a Complete and Easy-to-follow Guide.

Have you been thinking about painting digitally but weren’t sure how to get started?

Fear not! In this new 8-part course with acclaimed artist, Jade Mere, you’ll learn how to create a digital painting from start to finish in easy steps.

As you’ll soon discover, learning how to use Photoshop really isn’t as complicated as you may have thought.

And, as with any type of art, a little forward planning can make all the difference to your finished piece.

So, are you ready to start exploring the fascinating world of digital painting for beginner artists?

Just think – you’re already one step closer to creating your first painting in Photoshop…

You’ll learn:

  • How to arrange your workspace and layers to help you work efficiently
  • How to get your ideas onto canvas by using the right reference photos
  • How to plan your painting and establish the main tonal values
  • How to use digital brushes, mix colors, and create realistic lighting effects

After watching this course, you’ll be all set to start work on your first digital painting.

You’ll know your way around Photoshop, and how to arrange all your layers and tools to help you work more quickly.

No more confusion, no more hours spent searching for tutorials on how to use a particular feature of Photoshop – it’s all here in one handy video course!

Before you know it, you’ll finally be able to start getting all those ideas out of your head…and onto the canvas.

And, by following along with Jade’s live painting demos, you’ll be able to watch over her shoulder as she creates her incredible digital paintings…

Which means you’ll soon be creating your own compositions and getting the results you’ve always wanted.

See you there 🙂

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