Composition Tips for Artists - Quick and Easy Tips to Turn any Drawing or Painting Into an Eye-catching Composition

Lucasfilm & Pixar artist, Sergio Paez, casts his expert eyes over 6 drawings by Pencil Kings members and shows you a wide range of quick and easy ways to turn any composition into a great one!

Composition tips for artists – how to turn even a weak composition into a great one!

This new composition tips for artists course will show you a wide range of quick and easy ways to transform all your paintings and drawings.

Watch and learn as acclaimed Lucasfilm and Pixar artist, Sergio Paez, casts his expert eye over 6 drawings by Pencil Kings members and demonstrates how to fix any composition issues.

Whether you’re a beginner artist or a more experienced one, you’ll find plenty in here to help you take the next step with your creativity.

There’s nothing too complicated to learn, and you won’t have to spend hours researching any of the techniques you’re about to see demonstrated.

Instead, you’ll be getting the kind of straightforward, friendly advice that so many artists need to push forwards and make real breakthroughs.

And the best part? Creating a great composition is actually a really fun thing to do – which means you’ll learn these techniques even more quickly than you thought possible!

In Composition Tips for Artists, You’ll learn:

  • How to adjust elements in your drawing to draw the eye into your composition
  • How to tell a story with the characters in your paintings and drawings
  • How to simplify your composition and focus on the main subject of your drawing
  • How to create a dynamic composition for figure drawings or portraits
  • 3 easy steps which you can put into action immediately for better compositions

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After watching this course on composition tips for artists,¬†you’ll have a much clearer idea of how to create a strong composition.

You’ll find Sergio’s friendly advice helps you fix all the things you always struggled with in your artwork before…

And you’ll have the confidence to make those changes because you’ll instinctively know they’ll work.

So, if you’ve ever wondered why some paintings and drawings seem to work so much better than others, prepare to get the answers to your questions…

Because this fun, 7-part course will show you just how easy it can be to turn an average composition into a great one!

Composition Tips and Review - Sergio Paez
In this incredibly useful course, leading animation artist, Sergio Paez, reviews the work of 6 Pencil Kings members and offers his expert advice on how you can quickly and easily improve the compositions in all your paintings and drawings
Module 1 Introduction and Composition Review 1
Find out what you'll learn in this course and pick up some great composition tips from Sergio as he casts his expert eye over the first drawing from your fellow Pencil Kings members
Unit 1 01 - Introduction and Composition Review 01
Module 2 Composition Review 2 - How to Tell a Story With Your Characters
In this module, Sergio reviews a cute drawing by one of your fellow Pencil Kings members and explains how you can expand upon the elements in your composition to tell a story about your characters
Unit 1 02 - Composition Review 02
Module 3 Composition Review 03 - Simplifying a Composition
Sometimes, you'll want to keep your compositions simple to draw attention to the main features or characters in your drawing. Sergio shows you how it's done in this fun and informative module.
Unit 1 03 - Composition Review 03
Module 4 Composition Review 04 - Adding Scale & Context
A sense of scale is a great thing to include in your composition to create added interest. In this module, Sergio shows you how you can quickly improve on a composition simply by adding other objects to place everything in context.
Unit 1 04 - Composition Review 04
Module 5 Composition Review 05 - Figures and Silhouettes
If your composition includes figures, you'll want to give them a strong silhouette to make your composition stand out. Sergio will show you how in this module.
Unit 1 05 - Composition Review 05
Module 6 Composition Review 06 - Composition in Storyboard & Comic Art
How do you make each panel of your storyboard or comic work as a great composition? You'll find out in this module...
Unit 1 06 - Composition Review 06
Module 7 3 Easy Steps to Better Compositions
It's not anywhere near as difficult as you might think to create better compositions. In this final video, you'll learn 3 easy steps to making more attention-grabbing paintings and drawings.
Unit 1 07 - Quick Composition Tips

  • Category: Foundation
  • Medium: Pencil
  • Level: Beginner
  • Artist: Sergio Paez

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