Learn How to Use The Incredible Power of Color to Communicate Different Emotions in Your Art

Learn how to use the incredible power of color to communicate emotions in your paintings. Practice your skills with 3 speedpaint demos, and see how to create three paintings with very different emotions - all from the exact same scene.

Color and Emotion for Artists explained in 6 fun video tutorials.

Have you ever looked at a painting or a scene from a movie and wondered why it made you feel happy or sad?

The answer is color.

As you’ll see in this new 6-part video course from Assassin’s Creed Concept Artist, Donglu Yu, it’s an incredibly powerful tool for artists to use.

And, in each chapter , you’ll learn exactly how to use it in your own digital paintings to great effect.

You’ll learn:

  • How to create a grayscale speedpainting to use as a basis
  • How to create and use color scripts to define the emotion of your painting
  • How to create three different emotional paintings from the same scene
  • A wide range of professional Photoshop techniques to help you get the best results quickly

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After watching this course, you’ll almost certainly start looking at colors in a new way. All those reds, blues, yellows and ochres will take on new meaning as you discover the fascinating ways in which they can be used.

You’ll begin to understand how to use certain colors to get the message of your paintings across…

and how to work out the emotion or mood of your painting beforehand using color scripts.

Want to create a feeling of nostalgia? No problem! Thanks to Donglu’s expert tuition, you’ll know exactly which colors to use in your composition.

Or how about a warm, happy scene instead? At last, you’ll be able to get the results you really want quickly and easily thanks to your nifty new skills in Photoshop.

So are you ready to dive into the exciting world of color and emotion for artists? Prepare to start making paintings with incredible emotional impact.

Color Vs Emotion - Donglu Yu
Color can be an incredibly powerful way to convey emotions in your paintings. In this course, acclaimed concept artist, Donglu Yu, will explain how to use color schemes to define the mood of your paintings, and show you how to create three speedpaintings with very different emotional impact based upon the same scene.
Module 1 Introduction & Grayscale Speedpainting Demo
Learn how color affects the emotion of your paintings, and see how artists have used color themes in some of your favourite animated movies. Next, you'll see how to create a grayscale speedpainting to use as a basis for three separate paintings - each with very different emotional impact.
Unit 1 01 - Introduction
Unit 2 02 - Black and White Value Speedpainting Demo
Module 2 Color Scripts and References
What is a color script? It's a palette artists use to help them define the emotions in a painting, illustration, or animation. In this module, you'll see how the artists behind Up and Ratatouille used certain colors to create different emotions in these much-loved animated movies. You'll also learn how to source reference photos to express exactly the right mood for your own paintings.
Unit 1 03 - Color Scripts and References
Module 3 Speedpainting Demos - Nostalgia, Happiness, and Loneliness
How do you make your paintings look nostalgic, happy, or express a feeling of loneliness? You're about to find out! These speedpainting demos will show you how using certain colors can give the exact same scene a very different emotional impact.
Unit 1 04 - Color Palette Demo 1 (Nostalgia)
Unit 2 05 - Color Palette Demo 2 (Happiness)
Unit 3 06 - Color Palette Demo 3 (Loneliness)

  • Category: Painting
  • Medium: Digital
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Artist: Donglu Yu

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