Car Caricature Art Pt2 – Coloring Techniques

Add Brilliant Color to Your Vehicle Drawings








April Eriksson


In this series, leading digital artist April Eriksson shows you how to lay down areas of local color in preparation for your car caricature painting of a 1967 Mustang.

April will explain what local color values are and why they’re so important as a basis for rendering. She’ll be showing you a range of Photoshop techniques used by professional digital artists to create awesome effects and a realistic finish.

If you’ve ever struggled with adding depth to your color layers, this series will teach you everything you need to know. After watching these videos, you’ll be fully equipped to create color layers for a vehicle concept design or anything else you can imagine!

At the end of this series, you’ll have a better understanding of local color values and why they can make all the difference to your artwork.

Creating a good base of depth and form is just as important as adding smooth renders and April will guide you through each step so you’re ready to head out on the highway!

So, jump into the driver’s seat and set your Satnav co-ordinates for creativity.

After finishing this series, you’ll be ready to move on to the next stage, where April will show you how she creates realistic renders and epic chrome effects in her paintings.

Vehicle concept designers and good colorists are highly sought-after in the creative industry – now you can step on the gas for your own artistic career!

Main Takeaways from this Course:

  • What Local Color Values are and why They are so Important
  • How to Quickly fill in Areas Using the Magic Wand Tool
  • How to use the Lasso Tool to fill in More Complex Areas
  • How to Expand Your Selection for Clean Fills
  • How to set up Photoshop Actions to Save you Time
  • How to add Highlights and Shadows to Create Depth and Form

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