Architecture Design For Artists - How to Draw Buildings For Landscape, Concept, or Traditional Art

Learn how to draw and paint buildings and houses for concept, traditional or environment art. Follow along with your tutor, Cathleen McAllister, and get the foundation skills you need to draw awesome architecture from start to finish!

Architecture design for artists – learn how to draw buildings and houses for concept, traditional or environment art.

Our new architecture design for artists course will teach you all the foundation skills you need to draw realistic-looking buildings and houses.

Follow along with professional visual development and concept artist, Cathleen McAllister, as she takes you on guided tour of creating a finished piece from start to finish.

A lot of artists often find they struggle with drawing buildings, but the actual process is very similar to drawing characters or anything else.

So, if you’ve been looking for a super-effective way to break those pesky complex forms (such as rooftops, chimneys, wooden carving etc) down into simple, easy-to-draw shapes, then this fun 13-part course should give you the strong foundation you’ve been looking for!

You’ll learn:

  • The simple shapes that most buildings are constructed from
  • How to select and modify Photoshop brushes to draw and paint with
  • How to choose the best reference photos online
  • How to loosen up with gestural drawings of buildings
  • How to create a detailed, finished drawing from start to finish

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After taking this course, you’ll have a much greater understanding of drawing buildings than ever before.

You’ll have enough confidence in your abilities to tackle those ‘complex’ forms you used to avoid…and you’ll be thrilled to see how easily you can now draw them.

Whether it’s churches with steeples, highrise buildings, or the quaint Queen Anne houses you see in this course, you’ll discover drawing buildings isn’t anywhere near as difficult as you may have thought…and we’re pretty sure you’ll be impressed with the results you get.

So, are you ready to master architecture design for artists and take your drawing skills to the next level?

Because a new world of creativity and possibilities awaits you in this comprehensive, but super-enjoyable, 13-part course.


Architecture Design For Artists - Cathleen McAllister
Learn how to draw buildings and houses the easy way by breaking complex forms down into simple shapes. Follow along with artist, Cathleen McAllister, as she explains every stage of her work process and see why drawing buildings isn't so hard after all!
Module 1 Choosing Shapes, Brushes, and Reference Photos
Get ready to draw awesome-looking buildings and houses by doing a little prep work first. Cathleen will show you which shapes to look for in buildings, which Photoshop brushes to use for drawing and painting, and how to find the best reference pics online.
Unit 1 00 - Introduction
Unit 2 01 - Choosing Shapes for Architecture Design
Unit 3 02 - Choosing Photoshop Brushes
Unit 4 03 - Choosing Reference Photos
Module 2 Gestural Drawings and Initial Sketches
Get started drawing architecture quickly and easily by loosening up with a few gestural sketches to help you find your way around the form of your chosen buildings. Then, see how to take these gestural stages one step further by creating an initial sketch.
Unit 1 04 - Creating Gestural Sketches
Unit 2 05 - Initial Sketch Pt1
Unit 3 06 - Initial Sketch Pt2
Module 3 Creating a Detailed/Finished Sketch
It's time to work those initial sketches up into a detailed finished sketch you can be proud of. Follow along with Cathleen as she explains every stage of her process and helps you get the professional results you've been looking for.
Unit 1 07 - Creating a Detailed/Finished Sketch Pt1
Unit 2 08 - Creating a Detailed/Finished Sketch Pt2
Unit 3 09 - Creating a Detailed/Finished Sketch Pt3
Module 4 Refinements and Finishing Touches
Follow along with Cathleen and learn how to refine your drawing and add finishing touches. Then, get a brief recap of what you've learned in this course and see the progress you've made.
Unit 1 11 - Refinements and Finishing Touches Pt1
Unit 2 12 - Refinements and Finishing Touches Pt2
Unit 3 13 - Recap on What You’ve Learned

  • Category: Environment
  • Medium: Digital
  • Level: Beginner
  • Artist: Cathleen McAllister

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