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Francis Vallejo – Drawing Hair Video Series

Who knew drawing hair could be so simple? If you’ve ever wanted to add realistic flowing locks or a super sharp buzz cut to your portraits or concept art characters, you’ll find the techniques you’ve been looking for in this easy to follow video course from Francis Vallejo. You could be a realistic portrait painter, […]


Francis Vallejo – Drawing Head Shapes Video ...

Learning about drawing head shapes is your passport to creating awesome portrait art. After all, every single person you see has a different shape to their head, and this is something you’ll want to get right if you’re trying to capture a true likeness. Whether you want to draw caricatures, cartoons or realistic portraits, you’ll […]


Francis Vallejo – Drawing Eyes Video Course

Drawing eyes is one of the most important skills to have under your belt as an artist. Have you ever finished a portrait or a concept art character painting and thought there was something not quite right about it? Us too. More often than not, it’s the eyes that let a good painting down. And, […]


Kan Muftic – Designing an Environment Video ...

Ever watched a movie or played a game and wondered how professional artists go about creating those atmospheric landscapes you see? Environment concept art is one of the hottest skills in the creative industry right now, and this series is going to give you everything you need to get started! In just over an hour […]


Kan Muftic – Scientific Explorer Character C...

Character concept art is one of the most sought-after skills in the creative industries, so wouldn’t it be epic if you could master the skills you need to create your own? Get your graphics tablets at the ready, because in just over two hours, you’ll have all the professional techniques to get started, thanks to […]


Kan Muftic – Mountain Howler Video Series

Ever watched a fantasy movie or played a game and wanted to learn how to draw fantasy characters and creatures? You’re in the right place! In less than two hours, you could have all the fantasy art skills you need thanks to this exciting new series from acclaimed concept artist, Kan Muftic. In this series […]


Shane Madden – Environmental Concept Art

Environmental concept art is a highly sought-after skill in the games and entertainment industries, but have you ever wanted to create your own and didn’t know where to start? In this fun new video series, renowned concept artist, Shane Madden, takes you into the snowy atmospheric world of Castle Keep, where mysterious figures lurk in […]


Dave Neale Cute Critter Pencil Sketching Video Ser...

Have you ever wanted to learn how to create a cute animal pencil sketch like the characters you see in famous animations? Get ready to sharpen your pencils and prepare for a masterclass in creating your very own cute critter courtesy of renowned animation artist Dave Neale! Having worked with famous names such as Imagine […]


Arturo Aguirre Brush Sketching Video Series

Have you ever been painting something and found you didn’t have the right brushes for the job? You’ve searched through Photoshop’s presets and looked online for brush libraries to download, but nothing hits the spot? We’ve all been there, but we think we’ve finally found the answer in this new art tutorial series from acclaimed […]


Mikael Leger Speed Painting Series

Throughout history, artists have been drawn to urban street scenes and it’s easy to see why. Paintings based on this subject tell a story full of drama and intrigue. They’re the backdrop to countless masterpieces, movies and video games. In fact, there’d probably be no Grand Theft Auto were it not for the sometimes bleak […]


Sourav Dhar Landscape concept series

Ever played a video game or watched a movie and wondered how artists create those vast, epic landscapes? Get your hiking boots out, take a deep breath and prepare to take a journey into the great outdoors with leading concept artist, Sourav Dhar. In this series, he’ll show you how to get the great matte […]


Mikael Leger Deep Space Environment video series

Want to learn how to draw perspective but don’t want to get lost in space? We know that lots of you would love to learn all about one point, two point and even three point perspective, but in some art tutorials, you just end up getting confused by all those pesky lines! If this is […]


The Figure Drawing Challenge Course

Join a Dedicated Group of Artists to Learn to Draw Figures Straight From Your Mind Have you heard of the figure drawing challenge yet? If not, head over here for full details. We started on December second, and will be closing off access to this particular course after December sixth (if you missed the opportunity, […]


Kirbi Fagan Introduction to Digital Media

Have you ever wanted to get started with digital art but didn’t know where to begin? Don’t worry – this is a common dilemma for many artists. That’s why we developed this new course, featuring the awesome talents of professional artist, Kirbi Fagan. In this series of fun tutorials, Kirbi will take you through the […]

Kirbi Fagan - Dry Media

Kirbi Fagan Introduction to Dry Media Video Series

In this age of digital art, many artists are rediscovering the simple joys of creating using traditional dry media techniques such as pencils, colored pencils and pens. Are you one of them? Or, if you’re just starting out, do you want to learn how to create stunning shading and luscious lines? If so, check out […]


Lois Van Baarle Steampunk Girl Video Series

Hey there! Ever looked at awesome comic book characters such as Tank Girl and wondered how it was done? Well, wonder no more! In this series, Lois Van Baarle shows you how to create a rad Steampunk Girl character, with dreadlocks, piercings and other epic accessories! Lois, known to her legions of online fans as […]


Mikael Leger Pirate Girl Video Series

Ahoy there! Fancy making some awesome concept art? It’s time to grab the wheel and set sail on the high seas of creativity as you learn how to create your own super-tough Pirate Girl character. In this swashbuckling new series from esteemed concept artist, Mikael Leger, you’ll get all the professional skills you need to […]


Kirbi Fagan Color Theory Video Series

Ever wondered how to understand color theory? Maybe you’ve tried before but didn’t know where to start? In this series, Kirbi Fagan gives you the full lowdown on this essential art skill in nine fun, easy-to-follow videos! As a professional artist and illustrator, Kirbi knows plenty about color theory and how it can be used […]


Fernando Melek Comic Penciling Video Series

Comic books and superheroes are huge influences upon many artists and have inspired many to pick up a pencil for the first time. Now, it’s time for you to sharpen up your drawing skills and learn how to create the famous character of Superman with the excellent tuition of leading comic book artist, Fernando Melek! […]


Pencil Queen Video Series

Following hot on the heels of his hugely popular Ultimate Guide To Photoshop series, leading digital artist, Sycra Yasin, now shows you how to develop your own characters and transform them from a rough sketch into a fully-rendered painting in this series of awesome tutorials. In this series, you’ll learn professional techniques as used by […]

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Ultimate Guide To Photoshop Video Series

Ever wondered how artists achieve such awesome effects in their digital artwork? In this incredible series, leading digital artist, Sycra Yasin, will teach you everything you ever need to know about Photoshop. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro, Sycra will take you through every stage of painting digitally. Along the way, you’ll pick […]


Caricatures Video Series

In this series, the ever-popular Sycra Yasin will take you through every stage of creating an awesome caricature. Along the way, he’ll be demonstrating how he achieves such an amazing likeness of his subject through a series of thumbnail sketches, refined pencil work and careful grayscale and color rendering. In Sycra’s opinion, a great caricature […]


Car Caricature Render Video Series

In this final series, leading digital artist April Eriksson will show you how to render your digital painting of a 1967 Mustang. Along the way, you’ll be picking up plenty of professional tips and techniques and learning how to create amazingly realistic glass and chrome to make your painting pop! Rendering your painting is the […]


Car Caricature Color Video Series

In this series, leading digital artist April Eriksson shows you how to lay down areas of local color in preparation for your car caricature painting of a 1967 Mustang. April will explain what local color values are and why they’re so important as a basis for rendering. She’ll be showing you a range of Photoshop […]


Car Caricature Lineart Video Series

In this series, leading digital artist April Eriksson shows you how to create the lineart for a car caricature painting of a 1967 Mustang. April, who has produced work for Transformers and GI Joe: Renegades, will be passing on her awesome artistic skills and techniques so that you’re ready to jump in the driver’s seat […]


Motorcycle Concept Sketching Video Series

In this series, WETA Concept Artist James Ellis shows you how to create a rough render of a motorcycle design concept using a range of professional Photoshop techniques, such as masking, blocking in shades and blending tones and shading. Starting off from a thumbnail sketch, you’ll learn how to develop this into a finished digital […]


Stylized Painting Alice Video Series

In this series, the highly-regarded cartoonist and illustrator, Sycra Yasin, will demonstrate how to create an awesome stylized painting of Alice, the main character from the timeless Lewis Carroll novel, Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland. Here, you’ll learn how to mix colors and apply layer after layer of subtle blends to create a stunning fully-rendered digital […]


Anime Comic Painting Video Series

In this series, master cartoonist and illustrator, Sycra Yasin, will show you how to create an awesome anime comic painting of Alice, the main character from the timeless Lewis Carroll novel, Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland. Here, you’ll learn how to lay in flat colors and adjust them to whatever shade you want before applying realistic-looking […]


Comic Penciling – Drawing Alice Video Series

In this series, master cartoonist and illustrator, Sycra Yasin, will show you how to create a stunning illustration of Alice, the leading character from the ever-popular Lewis Carroll novel, Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland. Here, you’ll discover the secrets behind choosing a pose, uncovering the laws of anatomy and using reference pictures to help you create […]


How to Paint a Caricature Video Series

In this lesson from Marvel coloring artist Giovani Kososki will show you how to paint a caricature as he continues where he left off in his last lesson on drawing a caricature of Hugh Jackman, better known as Wolverine from the X-Men movie series. Like his other series on painting a pin up sailor girl, […]


Realistic Portrait Painting Video Series

Now that you have a basic understanding of how to draw a face through instructor Sycra Yasin’s other lessons, why not take it to the next level and learn the ins and outs of realistic digital portrait painting. If you’ve never painted a portrait before I’m sure that you’ll find that the process is a […]


Face Drawing Proportions Video Series

Are you looking for a simple to follow system for face drawing proportions that will give you naturally balanced faces every time you draw a head? Pencil Kings instructor Sycra Yasin is going to guide you through our very easy to understand way to approach facial drawing proportions. Even if you are a complete beginner […]


How to Draw Expressions Video Series

Follow along and learn how to draw expressions for your characters in these video drawing lessons from Sycra Yasin. This course will take everything that you have learned in the previous foundation drawing classes and take it to the next level. Have you been struggling to create characters that are full of life? Learning how […]


How to Draw Hair Video Series

Want to learn how to draw hair that flows naturally from the head, comes from a perfectly placed hairline, and has beautiful shading with a healthy shine to it? You will be covering all of that in this online drawing course from Pencil Kings instructor Sycra Yasin. What You Will Learn How to draw hair […]


How to Draw a Mouth Video Series

Have you ever drawn a mouth that comes out looking really flat and you’re not sure what you need to do to give it a more natural feeling? This is actually a problem that many artists have when they first start to draw the mouth and you’re going to learn in lesson one how to […]


How to Draw an Ear Video Series

In this lesson series on how to draw an ear, you’re going to learn a very easy to understand method for drawing the ear. This means you won’t be wasting any time by studying too much theory. Right from the first minute you can get your pencil and follow along. What You Will Learn: How […]


How to Draw an Eye Video Series

In this series about how to draw an eye, instructor Sycra Yasin will guide you through the entire process of going from a complete beginner through to someone who can draw any kind of eye, for both male and female characters, in any style that you can imagine. What You Will Learn: How to understand […]


How to Draw a Nose Video Series

If you’ve wanted to learn how to draw a nose you’ve come to the right place! Pencil Kings instructor Sycra Yasin will guide you through everything that you need to know in order to draw noses of all different styles with ease. This series is suited perfectly for new artists, as well as those who […]


Drawing a Caricature Video Series

Learn the organic way of drawing caricatures with this caricature study of actor Hugh Jackman. You’ll start with some good reference and then get right into the drawing.


Paint a Zombie Facebook Profile with Free Software

Use the free painting software “GIMP” to create a zombie picture of yourself for your Facebook Profile.


Painting in Photoshop – Pinup Video Series

In this video series you’ll be using Photoshop to learn how to color your drawings with comic book colorist Giovani Kososki.


Digital Painting Video Series

Learn the art of creating a digital painting with the qualities of a traditional painting by following with artist Mark Behm.

LaurieB! – Pin UP: Sailor Lesson

Sailor Pin Up Video Series

Follow Laurie B! as she walks you through the whole process from start to finish of creating this polished pin up sailor girl.


Drawing Expressions Video Series

This drawing expressions video series will teach you what you need to know to bring the faces of your characters to life even if you’ve never tried to draw expressions before.

LaurieB! - Posing and Body Construction

Posing Your Character Video Series

Learning to pose your characters is a sure-fire way to bring your drawings to the next level. LaurieB! will be your instructor for this series

LaurieB! - Hair + Clothing Lesson

Drawing Hair and Clothing Video Series

LaurieB! will show you exactly how to break both the hair and clothing down into simple to understand terms so that it’s easy to understand exactly which way they are flowing over the skin.

Drawing Hands and Feet

Drawing Hands and Feet Video Series

In this series about drawing hands and feet, LaurieB! will give you an easy to follow framework that you can use to draw hands and feet from any angle.


Sketching on Location Video Series

In this series Brian Wong will take you in-depth into the world of sketching on location and drawing people live. You’ll also learn how you can stylize your own sketches and quickly and easily turn them into their own finished works of art.


Cartoon Pin Up Girl Video Series

LaurieB! will give you a behind-the-scenes view of the process that she goes through to take one of her famous cartoon pin up girl illustrations from start to finish.


Face Drawing Fundamentals Video Series

In this video series you’re going to have a chance to look at several different examples of faces, both male and female in both realistic and cartoon styles.

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  • Kan Muftic
  • Shane Madden
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  • Mitch Bowler
  • Kirbi Fagan
  • Lois Van Baarle
  • Fernando Melek
  • Sycra Yasin
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