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How to Draw an Ear | 04 |

Placing the Ear on the Head

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placing the ear on the head

Here’s a look at the final image that you will be learning how to draw in this last lesson on how to draw an ear.  You already know how to draw the ear, and now it’s time to put it on the head.


head proportions for the ear 01

Start off by drawing the silhouette of the face and then dividing it in half vertically between the top of the head and the chin to establish the eye line. The ears sit between the height distance of the nose and the eye line.


head proportions for the ear 02

The next guideline that you need to draw is the nose. To create this line, take half of the distance between the eye line and the chin. Now that you have drawn in these two guide lines you can place the ears onto the head.


ear placement for the front view

Placing the Ears from the Front View

Because the head is a three dimensional form, in this example image you can see that we have lightly drawn in some ovals at the points of the nose and eye line to use as guide lines that represent the natural curve of the face. When you are just starting out it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking of the face as a flat surface. By adding in guidelines like these to show the depth you can keep reminding yourself about the thickness of everything that you are drawing and deepen your understanding of the head as a three dimensional object.

Because of the curve of the face, the ears are going to be placed slightly higher than the guide lines that you drew for the nose and eye lines. Usually the top of the ear will touch at the point of the eyebrows, and the spot where the ear attaches to the head at the top is right at the eye line.


side view ear proportions

Placing the Ears from the Side View

Start off by drawing the silhouette of the face from the side view. To do this create an oval to represent the spherical part of the skull and then draw a line coming down from the front of the oval to establish the front of the face and the jaw. Lastly, draw the jaw bone curving back and upward into the oval.

Divide the skull in half vertically just like you did in the previous example to establish the eye line. Then take half of the distance between the eye line and the chin to create the nose line.


placing the ears on the side of the head

Draw in the ear between the lines of the eye and nose. In the front view because we were dealing with some perspective the ear was placed slightly higher, however in this example the ear is placed almost exactly between the two guide lines.


finished side view ear placement

Using the Ear Drawing as a Guide for Other Parts of the Face

If you were to draw the ear first, you can also use that as your guide for placing the bottom of the nose and the eye line. I strongly recommend always drawing the features of the face in the same order so that you can get into an easy to follow rhythm of always drawing the features in the same order such as:

  1. Head silhouette first
  2. Then eyes
  3. Nose
  4. Mouth
  5. Ears

Placing the ear also allows you to easily find the placement of the sternocleidomastoid muscle that attaches just behind the ear, travels along the neck and attaches to the collar bone on the front of the chest.


This is the last lesson in this series about how to draw an ear.  We hope that you learned a lot here, and that you’re pretty comfortable drawing ears from any angle that you want.  Remember to keep practicing until you can draw the ear without having to think about it too much, and use reference as needed to look at all kinds of different real world ears.

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7 Responses to “How to Draw an Ear | 04 | Placing the Ear on the Head”

  1. RichardNeely says:

    Another great lesson

  2. howdy my name is chris and i wanted to say i love this site and that all the avilable art to draw or preform is everything i have been looking for and for proper instructions on how to draw the human body was what i needed the most help with to draw better and more perfect to make my drawings look real as i can make it. i give you guys full credit and i’ve been here for a couple of days and i’m getting a little better than i have on any other site. i first started with the eyes and i need a few more days and i’ll be great drawing them. over’all this site is really great.

  3. shailendra says:

    I have learned so much from these lesson.

  4. Gerard Cornet says:

    Great lesson. I felt a rush seeing everything i learned from the previous lessons come together here. I’m getting there and it feels really great. This site is amazing. And the constant emails are a welcome reminder to keep me working even though i sometimes feel discouraged.

  5. Ivar says:

    Thanks a lot for the lessons! I really like all the minor heads-ups and tips that sometimes pop up during the lessons.

  6. nina says:

    eares made easy, thanks a lot :)

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