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How to Draw a Nose Video Series

How to Draw a Nose

If you’ve wanted to learn how to draw a nose you’ve come to the right place! Pencil Kings instructor Sycra Yasin will guide you through everything that you need to know in order to draw noses of all different styles with ease. This series is suited perfectly for new artists, as well as those who just want to brush up on their face drawing skills.

What You Will Learn

  • How to draw the four basic parts that make up every nose
  • How to draw different styles of noses
  • How the male and female noses are different
  • Where and how to place the nose on the head

To start off you will learn about the four main parts of the nose: the bridge, septum, ball and nostrils. The beauty of these four parts is that they are extremely easy to draw on their own, and once you learn how to put them all together you’ll have a secret recipe that you can use over and over again throughout this lesson series. But you’re not just going to stop there…

Once you have gone over the basics of how to draw a nose, you will then begin to modify the four basic parts to create all kinds of different noses. This is where the real magic happens because once you see how easy it is to change the parts you will have the skill to draw any kind of nose that you can dream up.

After that you’ll finish off this video drawing course by learning how to place the nose on the face and what differences you will need to keep in mind when drawing male and female noses. With all of the knowledge you will have by the end, everything that you need to draw pretty much any kind of nose imaginable, for both male and females will be right at your fingertips. So, the only thing left is to grab your pencil and paper and get started!

How to Draw a Nose | 01 | Nose StructureBeginner0:13:4512-14-2011
How to Draw a Nose | 02 | Drawing Noses in Different StylesBeginner0:09:0712-14-2011
How to Draw a Nose | 03 | Nose PlacementBeginner0:02:3112-14-2011
How to Draw a Nose | 04 | Differences Between Male and Female NosesBeginner0:06:5912-14-2011

11 Responses to “How to Draw a Nose | 04 | Differences Between Male and Female Noses”

  1. Gene Alvin says:

    What a great series of lessons. The structure works very well for me as I am able to watch the Sycra’s video, follow along with it and sketch using my Bamboo in conjuction with Art Rage. My sketching abilities are improving rapidly. I’ve tried using books to learn to sketch and draw portraits and anatomy but that doesn’t work nearly as well as this does. Thanks so much,keep up the great work….

  2. Owen Jollands says:

    Great set of nose structure lessons – really aided with my understanding of how to go about creating the nose in any style.

  3. AlinaKovalenko says:

    Thank u so much for a great lessons! it’s full totally in simple way explanation ))

  4. Shimgapi says:

    Wow, I can’t believe it! Sycra made drawing noses fun! Thanks Sycra!

    • Hi Shimgapi! We’re really glad you enjoyed this series :-) We all struggle with drawing noses, but Sycra breaks it all down into simple shapes and helps us understand the form more easily. Stay tuned for more lessons coming very soon!

  5. 7kima says:

    the easiest explination that i’ve ever watched !

    thnQ so much .. Good luck !!

  6. Aniko says:

    It all make sense now! Thank you for the most simple and precise explanation, thoroughly enjoyed it.

  7. Mark williams says:

    Really enjoying these lessons. Great job.

  8. awais...from pakistan says:

    hi….sir really i am very enjoy you series and MAY GOD SAVE YOU FROM EVIEL EYE

  9. outofthepicture says:

    Great set of videos, I feel like I have a better understanding of the shape of the nose! The one thing I will say is that (and it might just be me) I’m still a little uncertain on how to draw the nose from above, say if I was looking down on the face, and especially at that angle when in a 3/4 view. Will you guys be doing any more videos on this subject?

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