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How to Draw a Mouth | 01 |

Understanding the Mouth Curve

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In this lesson you’re going to learn about the structure of the mouth, and how to draw it on a curved plane. One of the rookie mistakes that people often make is to think of the mouth as a flat object. The result of drawing the mouth this way is that it’s going to stretch oddly across your face, and not give you the kind of depth that you need to draw a good looking mouth.

finished mouth drawings

Here’s a look at the different mouths that you’ll be exploring in this first lesson on how to draw mouths step by step.


drawing the mouth on a curve

Start off by drawing a curved surface from the front view that will represent the front of the mouth and the teeth. The example image from the video is drawn a little lightly here, but basically what you are going to be using as a guide is a three dimensional cylinder to get the curvature of the mouth.


drawing the mouth skull

In this example image you can see a drawing of the skull and how the upper and lower jaws connect to each other. Having an understanding of this underlying bone structure is pretty important, not only when learning how to draw a mouth, but also for the other parts of the face.

Thinking of the mouth as a curved plane will really go a long way to drawing natural looking mouths.


human skull example

Here’s an example of a realistic skull so you can get a better sense of just how curved the mouth really is.


drawing the mouth on a curve 01

The curve of the mouth really comes into play when you are drawing the mouth different angles. While the front view may not be the best way to see the curve, when you start to draw the mouth from the side or three quarter view you’re going to really see the curve become visible.

Drawing the mouth from an upper or lower angle is another situation where the curve is going to become a lot more apparent.


drawing the lips on a curve

Drawing Lips on the Mouth

In this example you can see the mouth drawn from several different angles. Going from left to right these angles are:

  • Upper View
  • Front View
  • Lower View
  • Side View

Lips have been added to the mouth drawings but it’s most important to note the curvature of the mouth and how it appears different as you draw the mouth from different viewpoints.


finished curved lip drawing

In this example we’ve added some imaginary guide lines to further show the curve of the mouth as it appears from these different angles.

Now that you have an understanding of how the mouth sits on a curve, it’s time to go more in depth and learn about the structure of the mouth and the lips in the next lesson.

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8 Responses to “How to Draw a Mouth | 01 | Understanding the Mouth Curve”

  1. john joong says:

    why is the voice is too slow?

  2. CarolCollings says:

    I have the volume turned up high in these lessons but cannot hear the art teacher.

  3. Teresa says:

    I can’t hear the voice AT ALL! This very serious complaint has been logged for many months, but apparently it hasn’t been corrected. I’m a brand new member and luckily I only joined for one month. I will have to cancel if this continues. I even attached speakers to my laptop and that doesn’t even bring the sound up to audibility. Help!

  4. Jesse says:

    Even tho he speaks softly I can hear him fine. Maybe you guys have a lot of background noise where you are at?

  5. Julio Marcos Bortolo says:

    Not a very good lecture, too loose.

  6. Hi Julio & thanks for getting in touch. Can you tell us a little bit more about why this tutorial didn’t work for you? It’s only by listening to you guys that we can improve and make Pencil Kings the best art tutorial site there is!

  7. Olive says:

    Thoroughly enjoy this lesson. Learned a lot from it, very useful indeed. May I know what software were you using when making the drawing? Is it Illustrator? If it is, where did you get the pencil brush? Did you make it yourself. It looks very natural, very nice.

  8. Jennifer says:

    Super cool how he flips between 3 or 4 different models of the mouth. I didn’t realize it was digital drawing but same principals apply (i guess as far as stroke count) for pencil? I used a pencil and wasn’t sure how hard to press until I broke a light one. Switched to heavy weight and it’s working better! THANKS PENCIL KINGS!

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